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UV Sterilization Reminder Smart Water Bottle

May 8th, 2022|KingStar News|

Almost everyone has used stainless steel vacuum flasks, but have you heard of UV sterilization vacuum flasks? Today, I will introduce you to the latest smart sterilization thermos.

This smart sterilization thermos cup lid from KingStar uses a special light source – deep ultraviolet rays with a band of 260-275nm, and a 15mW high-power LED germicidal lamp bead to sterilize the cup strongly. One key to start, 180 seconds countdown, the sterilization process is intuitive and visible, so that every time you drink water, it is safe and pollution-free. When you are outdoors, on foot, or on adventures in the wild, if you are very thirsty, eager to drink water, and worried about the health effects of bacteria and various microorganisms in tap water or wild rivers/lakes, then this smart sterilization thermos can be Come in handy! Simply put tap water or outdoor river water into this KingStar water cup for 180 seconds of sterilization. This sterilization smart cup from KingStr can eliminate hidden germs and viruses, kill toxic microorganisms and coronaviruses, and help you easily deal with your emergencies and outdoor scenes such as hiking and camping!

In addition, this smart sterilization mug also has a very important purpose, that is, you can clean the mug at any time to avoid secondary pollution of drinking water! The importance of drinking water hygiene goes without saying, but many people overlook another problem: the cups and bottles we drink from are often dirtier than water. After all, daily drinking water is usually boiled or deeply purified, and drinking water containers are often washed with tap water and are not frequently disinfected. Therefore, the bacteria in the thermos cup gradually increases, and in severe cases, it may destroy its own flora environment by drinking the water in the thermos cup, resulting in the occurrence of a series of diseases such as colds and sore throats. Therefore, if you have limited time and energy, and cannot use hot water to clean the thermos in time every time, then this smart sterilization thermos is your best choice!

Self-Cleaning Insulated Stainless Steel Smart Water Bottle

Of course, the smart thermos cup not only has the function of ultraviolet sterilization, but also has the function of displaying the temperature that is relatively popular on the market, so that you can see the temperature. Highly sensitive temperature sensor, accurate up to ±1°C, real-time temperature display to avoid overheating and overcooling.

This UV disinfection cup also has a more practical reminder to drink water. This is a feature that LARQ does not have.

After the reminder to drink water function is turned on. The water cup makes 2 beeps every 90 minutes and flashes with the breathing light for 30 seconds, reminding you that it is time to drink water. After 4 reminders, the reminder function will be automatically turned off.

Choose our smart black technology, an intelligent sterilization thermos that integrates three functions: ultraviolet sterilization, reminder to drink water, and temperature display.

Want to develop and order custom design UV sterilization water bottle? Please write to us sales@waterbottle.tech, you will get response within 24 hours. We are the leading UV sterilization bottle manufacturer in China.