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Lightweight Hydro Vacuum Flask Manufacturer: KingStar Leads Water Bottle Innovation

April 6th, 2022|KingStar News|

As one of the pioneers of the stainless steel bottle cup manufacturer, KingStar has always been relied on its excellent products to gain consumers ‘ trust. The popularity among its buyers and the ability to lead the industry are heavily dependent on innovation. For KingStar, the ability to innovate boosts development and innovation is also the future for the company. Amid the fast-changing world, the company can truly secure its place in the global market only when it embraces and adapts to the change. With the emergence of internet economies and the rise of green and healthy development, innovation has become the core drive for a fresh round of economic growth for companies.

As the rise of the younger generation of businessmen who pursue a life with high quality and distinction, many of them have turned to products that suit their career and started paying more attention to the experience and the characteristics brought by the water bottles, bulk tumblers and insulated cups.

To meet the demand of a fast-paced lifestyle and personalization, KingStar has introduced the lightweight water bottle range which features the fast-paced lifestyle. The product has adopted a technique that makes the inner side of the vacuum as thin as 0.11mm, reducing the weight more than 30% than the traditional vacuum cup; the vacuum slab is just 0.9mm and the cup is able to contain more than 10% water than its counterparts with the same volume. The wide range of color choices helps the new product win many young customers comfortably; the lightweight water bottle itself offers customers unprecedented experience and its bigger container allows customers to drink more water and contributes to a healthier life.

lightweight stainless steel bottle manufacturing technology

KingStar has been exploring the market and observing the demand of customers for years before introducing the lightweight water bottles. The product helps KingStar avoid the disadvantage of fierce price and profit competition that has plagued the conventional vacuum cup producers, creating an advantage over its rivals with excellent products. At the same time, the lightweight water bottle also offers new ideas for the promising development of KingStar. The target customers’ classification of the product will be more specific and refined. The characteristics such as the nostalgia will be applied to the product to make it more distinctive, which will not only help customers remember the brand but also contribute to the distinctiveness of the brand, boosting the development of the brand’s diversification and solidifying its leading role in the industry.

KingStar has been partnering with multiple international brands and introducing the lightweight water bottles to the markets in North America and Europe in which customers have heaped praise on the products.

In the future, KingStar will remain committed to its path of innovation and continue producing more outstanding products with its hard skills and brand positioning. Recently, the company’s new industrial park, which takes two years to build, has gone into operation, exhibiting KingStar’s undoubted manufacturing capability. In addition, KingStar also expands its product lines beyond cups to other products such as smart cups, and it has been innovating its features such as brand culture and industrial design to boost the continuing upgrade of its high-end strategy.

For KingStar, the lightweight water bottle is just the starting point of a new journey. The high-end manufacturing craftsmanship and the remarkable product concept will bring more opportunities to the brand. Against this backdrop, the leading lightweight hydro flask manufacturer will further expand its advantage over research and development and innovation, speed up its industrial upgrading, create higher value and make great strides in every aspect.