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KingStar Conducts Training to Improve Employee Capabilities and Efficiency

January 1st, 2023|KingStar News|

“Let the knowledge grow, even experienced veterans will benefit greatly from the training.”

For business managers, the vacuum insulate bottle manufacturing plant in the future must develop toward automation, efficiency, and digitalization, as the leading vacuum flask manufacturer, we need a great team to achieve this goal. Apply the new knowledge gained from professional training to work and business, continuously improve the skills of front-line employees, and bring more long-term economic benefits to the enterprise!

Therefore, employee training is an indispensable part of the operation and management of the thermos cup factory.

  1. Equipment operation training

We say “Weapon, the more familiar you are with it, the more you will be able to play it at your fingertips”, the same is true for equipment. The efficient operation and maintenance of factory equipment is inseparable from skilled equipment operators. When organizing employee training, equipment Operation training is one of the necessary contents.

Every employee of water expansion machine, polishing machine, vacuum machine and other equipment needs to be familiar with its operation process. Even if an employee asks for leave, someone can temporarily take over.

  1. Safety training

“Zero tolerance for safety violations, no safety, no production”

Safety is the most precondition for all production and operation, especially for front-line factory employees, why should they be familiar with the equipment first? Just for safety.

Employee safety training is a routine training content, allowing employees to control errors in work and laying the foundation for safe production. Among them, fire safety must be paid special attention to for all water cup manufacturers. It is recommended to explain fire prevention hazards and escape skills based on cases, and explain the dangers of fire in the factory area to employees in detail to prevent unburned!

  1. Quality training

“Product quality is the life of an enterprise”

That’s right! Only when the product quality meets the needs of consumers can it win a place in the market, create better benefits and enhance the competitive advantage of the enterprise.

The pros and cons of product quality are often determined by the operator’s skills and experience! According to what quality standards to produce? All these need to be explained by the managers in the training, and the establishment of “quality awareness” can ensure the quality and quantity of the finished thermos cups produced.

  1. Basic knowledge training

“Knowledge never ends”

Allow employees to learn more industry-related knowledge, such as the insulation effect of thermos cups, the classification of stainless steel, and the method of spraying the surface of thermos cups, etc., so as to improve their own knowledge reserves. While employees realize the growth of their personal capabilities, they can also bring a lot to the factory. constant value.