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Material Guide

As a leading OEM/ODM drink bottle manufacturer, we offer a variety of metal, plastic and silicone materials to manufacture your custom design water bottle/cup/flask/jug/food container/beverage vessel to meet requirements:

  • Food-contact safe
  • FDA compliant
  • LFGB compliant
  • California Proposition 65 compliant
  • BPA free
  • Toxic free
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Main Material List of  Water Bottle/Cup/Flask/Jug/Food Container/Beverage Vessel

Water bottle/drinking cup/tumbler/cup/vacuum flask/lunch box/dog bowl have a long list of materials available, ranging from stainless steel, titanium and other metals, plastics (PP, AS, Tritan) to wheat straw, sugarcane straw, recycled ocean plastics and more.

Main Material Type Advantages Disadvantages FDA Compliant BPA Free Applications   for Drink Bottle / Flask / Tumbler / Cup / Mug / Jug / Container Material Cost
Aluminum Al Low density; Light weight; Anti-corrosion; Fast heat conduction Low hardness and easy to deform; Toxicity of aluminum can cause metabolic   disorders in the human body No Yes KingStar has stopped making aluminum drinking bottles since 2005. Low
Stainless Steel SS201

(Stainless Steel 18-1, Japan JIS: SUS201, USA AISI: 201)

Easy to shape; Easy to be welded; Durable Metal ions will be precipitated when heated, which is harmful to health; Low   corrosion-resistant; Easy to crack No Yes Outer wall of double-walled container / vessel Low

(Stainless Steel 18-8, Japan JIS: SUS304, USA   AISI: 304)

Food  grade material; High tensile strength; Good weldability; Good formability;   Good corrosion resistant; Durable Poor sulfur resistance; Poor reduction resistance; Difficult to process Yes Yes Both inner wall and outer wall of double-walled kitchen food grade   drinkware/container/vessel, bottle cap, handle Middle

(Stainless Steel 18-10, Japan JIS: SUS316, USA   AISI: 316)

Medical grade material; Excellent heat resistance, acid resistance and alkali corrosion resistance; Good weldability; Good formability; Excellent corrosion resistant; Less Durable than SUS304 Poor sulfur resistance; Poor reduction resistance Yes Yes Both inner wall and outer wall of double-walled food grade drinkware/container/vessel, bottle cap, handle; Container for medical  equipment; Medical grade container High
Titanium Ti-6Al-4VEli High strength; Titanium alloys have excellent corrosion resistance in harsh   environments; Good bio-compatibility; Low density; Light weight Pure titanium cannot be heat treated Yes Yes Medical equipment / implants; Drinkware; Food container; Beverage vessel Very High
Plastic Polypropylene   (PP) High strength plastic resin, extremely high resistance to heat, moisture, and   chemicals High strength plastic resin, extremely high resistance to heat, moisture, and   chemicals Yes Yes Lid; Cap; Cover; Plastic bottle/tumbler Low
Acrylonitrile-Styrene (AS) Solvent resistance; High Strength Insufficient toughness; May gradually turn yellow after prolonged use Yes Yes Lid;   Cap; Cover Low
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Good mechanical and thermal properties; High hardness; Easy metal plating on the   surface; Fatigue resistance and stress cracking resistance; High impact   strength; Chemical corrosion resistance such as acid and alkali; Easy to   process and form Poor weather resistance; Not UV resistant; Easy to age under hot oxygen   conditions; Poor dissolution resistance Yes Yes Parts with hardness and wear resistance requirements such as buttons and gears of   the cup lid/lid/cover Low
Polyoxymethylene (POM) High tensile strength; Fatigue resistance; Creep resistance; Less water absorption; Good dielectric properties; Normal use at 120 °C; Small friction   coefficient; Excellent elasticity No self-extinguishing; High molding shrinkage Yes Yes Parts with hardness and wear resistance requirements such as buttons and gears of   the cup lid/lid/cover Low
Acrylic Good toughness; Not easy to break Not wear-resistant, easy to scratch on its surface; Can not contact with organic   solvents, such as alcohol will make acrylic sticky Yes Yes Plastic bottle/tumbler/cup Middle
ThermoplasticElastomer (TPE) Environmentally friendly; Wide range of hardness; Excellent colorability; Soft touch; Weather   resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance; No vulcanization;   Can be covered and bonded with base materials such as PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS,   etc. Poor heat resistance; Physical properties decrease greatly as temperature rises;   Easy to deform under pressure; Poor resilience and durability Yes Yes Sealing gasket; O ring; Overmolding for lid handle part Middle
Polycarbonate (PC) High impact strength; Good creep resistance; Good heat resistance; Low embrittlement temperature (-130℃);   High transparency; Good dielectric properties; Good dimensional stability Contains BPA; Poor solvent resistance; Easy to crack; Easy to hydrolyze when immersed   in boiling water for a long time; Poor fatigue strength No No Functional   part on bottle/tumbler/flask/cup/container and its cover & lid Middle
TRITAN (PCTG) Good transparency; Strong impact strength; Hydrolysis resistance; High temperature  resistance; Easy processing; Good toughness; Chemical resistance It will be deformed at high temperature. Deformation and cracking may occur when   the temperature exceeds 94 degrees Celsius Yes Yes Bottle/flask/mug/cup/container/vessel   jug and its cap, cover & lid High
PPSU High hydrolytic stability; High transparency; high temperature resistance up to   207℃; Milk bottles/cups made of PPSU can be repeatedly boiled, microwaved, and steam sterilized; Chemical stability is good; Easy to clean None Yes Yes baby water bottle/tumbler/cup/flask/jug/container Very High
Recycled Ocean Plastic Conducive   to reducing marine environmental pollution High MOQ; Processing technology is complex and difficult Yes Yes Bottle and its cap, cover & lid Very High
Silicone Solid   Silicone High temperature resistance; Cold resistance; Solvent resistance; Anti-sticking;   Electrical insulation; Chemical resistance; Good elasticity Vulcanizing   agent needs to be added during molding to shorten molding time Yes Yes Gasket; Anti-slip footer; Band; Strap; Collapsible Water Bottle Middle
Liquid Silicone High and low temperature stability; Odorless; Transparent; Wide hardness range;   Chemical resistance; Weather resistance; Excellent sealing performance; Great elasticity High mold tooling cost Yes Yes Straw; Nipple; Collapsible Water Bottle; Medical part/equipment High

Auxiliary Material List

of Custom Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Drink Bottles/Hydro Jugs/Flasks/Cups/Tumblers

Auxiliary Material Type Application/Function FDA Compliant BPA Free
Copper Plating   copper on the outside of the inner wall of the thermos bottle cup to enhance the thermal insulation effect Yes Yes
Aluminum foil Wrap   aluminum foil on the outside of the inner wall of the thermos bottle cup to enhance the thermal insulation effect Yes Yes
Getter ZrVFe The non-evaporable getter has the characteristics of large inhalation capacity and high inhalation rate. Remove the residual air between double walls of the vacuum flask. Yes Yes

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Corporation Process

Your Custom-designed Stainless Steel drinkware Manufacturer Factory In China

Custom Shape Water Bottle Tumbler Mold Tooling Processes

Step 1: Sign NDA

NDA is the abbreviation of Non-Disclosure Agreement. Before you expose any confidential information (such as drawing or design concepts) about your custom water bottle project, we sign NDA with you.

Step 2: Complete Design drawing

Basing your drawing, our engineering team will release DFM (Design For Manufacturing) report and help revise the drawing. If you only have a design concept but without drawings, our R&D team offers design support to complete the drawing.

Step 3: Quotation & Payment

After having all your requirement, we quote for both tooling cost and product pricing. Payment term for tooling is that, 50% deposit and 50% after sample approved by you. Payment term for mass production is normally 30% deposit + 75% balance before shipment.

Step 4: Tooling Fabrication & Sample Approval

Lead time of tooling fabrication is 5 weeks. You will get 3D printed prototype sample to finalize the design, and T1, T2 samples for final approval on your custom mold design bottle tumblers.

Step 5: Mass Production

After T2 tooling sample approval and receiving deposit payment, we start mass production. The lead time of mass production is 45 days. It’ll be even longer for custom design smart water bottle projects.

Step 6: Final Payment & Shipping

After receiving final payment, we will work with your forwarder to arrange the shipment. If you have no experience in importing from China, we can handle the whole logistics and arrange globally door-to-door shipping.