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KingStar Cancels 2021 International Exhibition Plan

June 2nd, 2021|KingStar News|

The impact of the epidemic continues. After careful consideration, KingStar’s management decided to cancel all exhibition plans for 2021. KingStar always believes that the health and safety of employees, partners, and customers is the first.

Judging from the situation this year, the global COVID-19 epidemic situation has improved compared with last year, but there are still many uncertain factors. On the one hand, the epidemic control in Europe has not reached a good level; on the other hand, the current global epidemic has new changes, and the new crown virus has mutated in many regions, which shows that the global epidemic situation is still severe.

We are deeply sorry for the customers who plan to meet with us at the exhibition. We will work hard to negotiate with you through other methods and channels, including but not limited to Zoom video conferences. If you are in a country that is less affected by the epidemic and allows international business travel, our sales team will arrange a visit at an appropriate time.

The cancellation of the reference will not affect the production and delivery of existing orders, nor will it affect the development of new products. As the world’s leading custom water bottle OEM manufacturer, KingStar has always been behind you and firmly supports your development.

Attachment: List of exhibitions that have been cancelled:
China Canton Fair
National Hardware Show Las Vegas
Poland HomeLife Fair
East China Trade Fair
Frankfurt Ambient Exhibition