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Custom Manufacturing

KingStar provides custom manufacturing services. We can manufacture the water bottles with custom shape, custom lids, custom patterns, custom colors, custom imprints, custom logos and custom packaging, etc.

KingStar Production Process

water bottle shape forming process

Shape Forming

water bottle cutting process






copper plating process for stainless steel bottle manufacturing

Copper Plating

powder coating

Powder Coating

transfer printing

Transfer Printing

laser etching on water bottle

Laser Etching

quality inspection


assembly and packing

Assembly & Packing

KingStar Manufacture Facilities and  Equipments

CNC Molding Center

plastic injection molding line

Plastic Injection Molding Line

shape forming machine

Shape Forming Machine

welding machine

Laser Welding Machine

air-tightness test machine

Air-tightness Test Machine

vacuum making machine

Vacuum Making Machine

automatic polishing machine

Automatic Polishing Machine

powder coating machine

Powder Coating Machine

insulation test machine

Insulation Test Machine

assembly line

Assembly Line

torque tester

Torque Tester

salt spray tester for water bottle

Salt Spray Tester

printing life tester for water bottle

Printing Life Tester

Precision Temperature Tester

humid and temperature tester

Humid & Temperature Tester