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Hunan Guys Travels the Yangtze River Delta

May 1st, 2013|KingStar News|

On the 25th, it was originally a working day, but the workshop of KingStar was silent. Because at 5 o’clock that day, more than 500 people from all over the company, they have already traveled happily to Hangzhou, Tonglu and Wenzhou. “Today, the whole company has a day off, only to let employees go out for leisure. Our company insists on tourism as a welfare of employees. It was implemented in early 2003, and excellent employees can participate. In 2006, this is more A normalization, and popularization of the masses, is scheduled to organize a full-time tour every two years, so large-scale is rare in our city.” Li Wei, the party secretary of the company.

Xiang Enhua is a native of Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province. He has not left since he first came to the company in 2003. His accumulated experience in the past 10 years has also made him a competent assistant in the metal working workshop and mastered a skill. Speaking of the memory of Hangzhou, I counted from Enhua: “This has to be remembered in 2006, and it is also a free tour organized by the company. That time we went to Hangzhou West Lake. However, after so many years, Hangzhou should change. It’s quite big, not to mention I haven’t been to Songcheng, so I chose to travel to Hangzhou this time.”

In the past 10 years of the company, Xiang Enhua became a middle-aged man from a fledgling boy. Over the years, he has not remembered how many places he has been to, because in addition to the biennial tour of the company organized by the company, as a party member, he has another opportunity to travel abroad every year. Therefore, Shanghai, Huangshan, Nanjing, Suzhou, Jiaxing and other places have their footprints, almost all over the Yangtze River Delta. “There have been countless attractions, but there has been no change for so many years. That is, every trip is free, and the company is all-inclusive.” Xiang Enhua said that this is one of the reasons why he stayed in the leading company for a long time. .

As early as August 13th, in order to facilitate employees to understand the scenery of major attractions, the staff of the administrative department carefully collected the introduction of various scenic spots, and posted them in the company bulletin board for reference. “Hangzhou West Lake – Qinghe Square – Songcheng, Tonglu Yaolin Wonderland – Tongtian Fei Waterfall, Wenzhou Yandang Mountain Xiaolong Temple – Lingfeng Scenic Area, this time we provided 3 tourist attractions, allowing employees to freely choose and like Which spot is where to play,” Li said.
Although it is generally understood, the company’s Ministry of Internal Trade and Zhang Tao from Hubei have searched the Internet to find a big strategy. “We are all passionate young people. Let’s not look at the waterfalls that flow down the river or go to the West Lake for a walk, or self-challenge. Go up and go.” Zhang Tao’s suggestion, immediately received the response of Liu Chengli from Anhui Province: “Well, I agree. I will compete in the competition to see who is the first to go to the top of the mountain.” Liu Chengli just arrived in the company in mid-July, although he just had a month, but he also enjoyed the same benefits.
Hearing this, Yang Jing, a domestic salesman in Hunan, couldn’t help himself: “Although there are only two girls in the department, the so-called women don’t want to be eyebrows, we have to participate, then climb the mountain together.” After the unanimous unanimous opinion, the group of 6 males and 2 females formed a small squad to challenge Yandang Mountain.

Share development results with employees

In recent years, under the strong leadership of the board of directors, KingStar, the leading insulated drinking bottle manufacturer, has achieved rapid development in its business activities. The independent innovation has achieved fruitful results, product orders have doubled, employees’ salaries and benefits have increased, and the company’s development momentum has been strong. “Enterprise development embodies the ingenuity and hard work of employees, in order to further mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, motivate employees to work hard, enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of employees, and let employees share the fruits of enterprise development and build harmonious labor relations. Every two years, the company organizes employees to go out for sightseeing, to enrich the lives of employees, cultivate sentiment, and cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation, and never stop.” Li Wei said.