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Sell Water Bottles on Amazon: “Climate Pledge Friendly Certification” Interpretation

Recently, the Amazon platform has experienced another wave of “heat”,  with customers from various product sectors coming to inquire about various climate-related certifications. Whether in the electronics and appliances sector, the textile industry, or even among customers producing furniture products, there has been a flurry of enthusiastic consultations. So, what is the Climate Pledge Friendly Certification? How can a company apply for it? What does a company need to have to obtain this climate-friendly certification? As a leading custom water bottle manufacturer for Amazon sellers, we will address these questions one by one.

1. What is Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly program?

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The “Climate Pledge Friendly Certification” is a new environmental program launched by Amazon called Climate Pledge Friendly. Its purpose is to help environmentally conscious buyers who prioritize green energy to better find certified products. Brands can participate in this program and earn a Climate Pledge Friendly badge for their products by ensuring that their products are certified in at least one aspect of sustainability when sold on Amazon. This badge informs buyers which brands are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to the planet’s ecology.

When the program began, there were about 25,000 “Climate Pledge Friendly” products, and now there are over 75,000 products with the “Climate Pledge Friendly” label on Amazon. The Climate Pledge Friendly program is part of Amazon’s larger initiative called the “Climate Pledge”. In 2019, Amazon co-founded the Climate Pledge with Global Optimism, committing to being carbon neutral by 2040, meaning Amazon plans to eliminate carbon emissions as much as possible and offset any remaining emissions to achieve its goal.

2. What products need Climate Pledge Friendly Certification?

Any seller who wants to showcase themselves as an environmentally conscious brand to Amazon consumers. For instance:

  • Electronics: This could include communication products like smartphones and tablets, as well as small appliances, smart wearables, and digital products that are designed with energy efficiency and sustainable materials in mind.
  • Home goods: Products like lighting fixtures designed for energy efficiency, textiles made from sustainable materials, eco-friendly furniture, and household items that are produced with a reduced carbon footprint could be eligible.
  • Toys: Environmentally conscious toys made from sustainable materials and produced using eco-friendly manufacturing processes might also be eligible for this certification.
  • Building materials: Construction materials and products used in building projects that have been manufactured with lower greenhouse gas emissions or are produced from sustainable materials could qualify.
  • Wood products: Wood items that come from responsibly managed forests and adhere to sustainable forestry practices might be considered for the certification.
  • Household items: Various items used around the house, such as cleaning products, kitchen tools, water bottles and other everyday items, could be eligible if they meet the program’s sustainability criteria.

3. What are the advantages of Climate Pledge Friendly program for water bottle sellers on Amazon?

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The benefits of a company applying for the “Climate Pledge Friendly Certification” from Amazon are multifaceted and can contribute positively to both the company’s image and its business growth. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Positive brand image and reputation: Participating in the Climate Pledge Friendly Certification program demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This can enhance your water bottlebrand’s image and reputation among conscious consumers who value eco-friendly products and practices.
  • Increased exposure and traffic: The program offers free exposure and 10% targeted traffic support, leading to higher visibility of certified products. This increased visibility can drive more potential customers to your water bottles, thereby boosting conversion rates and generating new sales opportunities.
  • Green label visibility: The exclusive emblem attached to certified products in search results and product pages serves as a “Green Label”. This label helps customers quickly identify and differentiate environmentally friendly water bottles, making it easier for them to make conscious purchasing decisions.
  • Improved product rankings: Participation in the program can potentially improve your water bottles rankings on Amazon’s platform. Amazon’s algorithms often favor products that align with specific initiatives or certifications, which can lead to higher visibility in search results and increased discoverability.
  • Enhanced product discoverability: Certified water bottles are showcased in a dedicated entry point on the Amazon platform. This dedicated section makes it more convenient for buyers to find and purchase environmentally friendly products, increasing the chances of a company’s products being discovered.
  • Cost savings: Amazon does not charge fees for products that meet the criteria for the Climate Pledge Friendly Certification. This can translate to cost savings for your water bottles, especially if it sells a significant number of certified products.
  • Competitive advantage: As consumer awareness and demand for sustainable products grow, having the Climate Pledge Friendly Certification can provide a competitive edge over other wholesale water bottles that lack such certification. This can attract a segment of customers who prioritize eco-friendly options.
  • Support for corporate sustainability goals: Many companies have their own sustainability goals and initiatives. Participating in the Climate Pledge Friendly Certification program aligns with these goals and showcases your brand’s dedication to making a positive environmental impact.
  • Access to targeted customer base: The certification can attract customers who actively seek out environmentally friendly products. This provides access to a niche market segment that values sustainable choices.
  • Transparency and credibility: The certification process often involves submitting testing reports and certificates, which adds an element of transparency and credibility to the company’s claims about your water bottles’ eco-friendliness.

4. How to apply for Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly certification?

To qualify for the Climate Pledge Friendly, your product must meet one of the two requirements below:

  • Obtain Amazon’s Compact by Design certificationIn order to qualify for a Compact by Design, products must possess enhanced “unit efficiency”. Amazon employs product attributes such as package dimensions, product weight, and unit quantity to calculate the unit efficiency of a product. By adjusting the packaging design, eliminating unnecessary air and moisture, and creating a more compact packaging, products can become lighter and smaller, thereby enhancing transportation efficiency.
  • Obtain one or more qualified external third-party sustainability certifications: Currently, according to the official information provided by Amazon, there are two official Amazon certifications and 44 external certifications available for sellers to participate in the “Climate Friendly Program”. In order for products on Amazon to qualify for the green badge on the official website, they need to obtain at least one of these certifications. Examples of such certifications include “Climate Neutral” by Climate Partner (carbon offset certification), FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), GRS (Global Recycled Standard), GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OEKO, and OCS (Organic Content Standard), among others. Once your product successfully obtains one of these certifications, it becomes eligible to participate in the program. The certification badge will also be displayed below the green badge on the product’s listing.

Amazon directly collaborates with these qualified third parties to obtain their certified ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) lists. This includes 44 sustainability certifications. It is recommended to apply for the Climate Pledge Friendly Certification (Carbon Neutral Certification), as it is applicable to almost all products. The Carbon Neutral Certification is globally recognized and applicable to all sites where Amazon has opened the “Climate Pledge Friendly” program. Sellers can also enjoy three major traffic support benefits from the platform.

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5. How many third-party certification organizations are in this program?

5.How many third-party certification organizations are in this program

Unlike mandatory certifications like EPR, the Climate Pledge Friendly Certification is voluntary. Companies can decide whether to join this program on their own. Up to now, there has been around forty-four third-party certification organizations joining in this program. And in this part, we will list 18 common agencies among these.

  • BIFMA LEVEL: This certification is specific to furniture products and evaluates them based on criteria such as environmental impact, health and wellness, and social responsibility. It encourages manufacturers to consider the entire lifecycle of their products, from raw material extraction to end-of-life disposal.
  • Blue Angel: This label guarantees that products meet high environmental standards and prioritize consumer health protection. It’s commonly used in Germany and signifies products with reduced environmental impact.
  • Bluesign: This certification focuses on the textile industry, ensuring that products are manufactured responsibly with safer chemicals and fewer resources. It addresses energy consumption and chemical use during production.
  • Carbonfree Certified: This certification calculates a product’s carbon footprint and then offsets the emissions through projects that reduce or remove an equivalent amount of carbon from the atmosphere.
  • CarbonNeutral by Natural Capital Partners: Similar to Carbonfree Certified, this label measures emissions from the product’s lifecycle and offsets the remaining emissions after internal reductions.
  • Carbon Neutral by Carbon Trust: This certification involves a year-on-year reduction in carbon footprint, and any remaining emissions are offset, promoting continuous improvement in carbon reduction.
  • Carbon Neutral Certified by SCS Global Services: SCS Global Services certifies that a product’s carbon emissions have been measured, reduced, and any remaining emissions have been offset.
  • Certified Animal Welfare Approved: This certification ensures that animals are raised on farms that adhere to high-welfare and sustainable practices, including pasture-based systems.
  • Climate neutral by ClimatePartner: ClimatePartner certifies that a product’s carbon footprint has been calculated, continuously reduced, and the remaining emissions have been offset, aligning with climate neutrality goals.
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified: This label focuses on products made with safer materials and processes that have a positive impact on both humans and the environment throughout their lifecycle.
  • S. EPA Design for the Environment: This certification indicates that disinfectants meet strict standards for human and environmental health as established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • ECOLOGO: Products with this label meet standards that reduce their environmental impact during various stages of their lifecycle.
  • ENERGY STAR Most Efficient: This recognition highlights products that achieve high efficiency and significant carbon reduction within the ENERGY STAR program.
  • EPEAT: This program evaluates products based on energy use and sustainability impact throughout their lifecycle, particularly focusing on electronic and IT equipment.
  • EWG Verified: Products with this label meet the Environmental Working Group’s strict health and safety standards and do not contain concerning chemicals.
  • Fair Trade Certified: This certification ensures that products are manufactured according to standards promoting workplace safety, sustainability, and fair compensation for workers.
  • Fair for Life: Similar to Fair Trade Certified, this label extends to socially and environmentally responsible supply chains.
  • The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC): FSC certification supports responsible forestry, ensuring that wood and paper products are sourced sustainably, helping maintain healthy forests for the future.

These certifications play a crucial role in guiding consumers and businesses towards more sustainable and responsible choices, helping to reduce negative environmental impacts and promote better practices across various industries.

6. What is the general process for applying for Climate Pledge Friendly Certification?

  • Provide product information and determine the certification plan.
  • Sign a contract.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Product and documentation evaluation.
  • Apply for the Amazon Green Label.

7. Conclusion

In a word, the eco-friendly label supported by the Climate Pledge serves as Amazon’s method to educate consumers about the environmentally beneficial qualities of certain water bottles / bulk insulated tumblers / stainless steel cups / vacuum flasks / jugs / food containers / lunch boxes / double wall dog bowls. These bottles that display the label adhere to rigorous standards, such as being produced from recycled materials, promoting energy efficiency, and maintaining carbon neutrality. With this label on your Amazon shop, you can gain more traffic, increase water bottles credibility and make more profits! If you want more information, please send an email to sales@waterbottle.tech, you will get quick response in 24 hours.