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KingStar Insulated Bottles are Popular at the East China Fair

March 17th, 2019|KingStar News|

One of the most influential and voice-making events in the global houseware product industry, the East China Fair was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 1st to 5th.

In addition to Haier, Midea, Xiaomi, Huawei and other brands, KingStar from the vacuum insulated bottle industry has attracted attention with its wide variety of products and unique inspection methods.

At the East China Fair, the KingStar exhibition area showed the diversity of products: insulated sport water bottle, insulated stainless steel tumbler, insulated wine bottle, insulated wine mug, insulated coffee pot, insulated coffee mug, insulated stainless steel beer growler, pint, insulated food jar, insulated salad bowel etc. Among them, sports water bottle series were welcomed, and many buyers expressed their intention to place orders.

At the Fair, the KingStar booth demonstrated the superior thermal insulation of its products. The representative product of Hals is placed in boiling water. The big cup contains cold water and goldfish. The outer boiling water rolls, and the goldfish still swims leisurely. The test of “boiled goldfish” made the audience stunned and stunned. The other side of the exhibition area shows eco-friendly and the safety of the KingStar material. Our booth is prepared with heavy metal tester, all our products are not up to standard. Any products with heavy metal precipitation cannot pass the testing of heavy metal tester.

New trend of the water bottle industry leading by KinsStar

1. Technological innovation. Exploring traditional boundaries.

With the further upgrading of consumer concepts, consumers are also step by step to prove Maslow’s theory. While paying attention to the practicality of products, mass consumers are increasingly paying attention to the “addition of products”. KingStar, which has been focusing on technology upgrades and innovations, has started the special “reconstruction” of this traditional product by taking care of the weight of the vacuum flask itself. KingStar’s lightweight water bottle uses a stretch-spinning process to make the wall thickness as thin as 0.11mm, which is more than 30% lighter than the average vacuum insulated water bottle. The vacuum layer gap is only 0.9mm, which is about 10% larger than the same volume. Light experience. The inner liner adopts a weld-free integrated molding process, which is not subject to scaling and is not easy to breed bacteria. The birth of the lightweight insulated water bottle satisfies the core demands of the “fast pace” of the society, and finds the core balance point of consumer demand in warmth and personality.

2. Healthy materials, care for consumer health

As people’s pursuit of quality of life and health continues to increase, the market’s environmental requirements for plastic raw materials are also increasing. KingStar’s new lineup uses the new generation of copolyester Tritan from Eastman. The US imported food grade Tritan material, passed the US FDA certification, the European Union, Japan recognized the safety of this material. Because it does not contain toxic substances such as BPA, it is used as a raw material for baby bottles at home and abroad. KingStar completely replaces other plastic materials with this material. Only to protect the health needs of consumers.

Correspondingly, the KingStar glass has also undergone a leaping upgrade of healthy materials. In the summer of 2018, the new glass cup adopts the industry high-precision platinum mold drawing process. The cutting port is made of platinum material, precise positioning, precise cutting, and the tube wall is round and even. The material is selected from the largest tube factory in China, Du’s tube platinum tube, which is higher than the general boron. The silica glass cup is more crystal clear. At the same time, the finished product undergoes a long annealing process to eliminate internal stress, and the thermal shock resistance is over 120K, and the temperature difference is -20°C~150°C. Since the introduction of the platinum tube process in early 2017, KingStar has undergone process innovations, and the glass products of the non-platinum tube process have been destroyed.

3. Consumer awareness upgrade

Hand in hand with high-traffic IP with the tide of IP surge, IP has already presented its unique vitality. Among them, Disney, as the leader of the global cultural industry chain, has shown its outstanding appeal in all walks of life. KingStar also has a far-reaching layout in the Culture series. Together with the most popular “Elsa” image in the Disney Princess series, the Marvel series, and the Mickey and Star Wars series of fans all over the world, the tailor-made bottles are tailored. KingStar, the leading insulated stainless steel bottle manufacturer, stands at the forefront of the vacuum insulated bottle market with its excellent products, helping consumers to open a new chapter in life and adhering to the concept of “making life more comfortable and more productive”, leading the development of the Chinese water bottle industry.