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KingStar Becomes the Leading Supplier in the Sports Water Bottle Industry

December 23rd, 2018|KingStar News|

The 4th SportIN Conference and Sports Awards Ceremony in 2018 was held on December 10th in the Preface Hall of the Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Exhibition Center. Driven by the extensive participation of the national fitness campaign and the concept of healthy drinking water, sports water bottle manufacturers are welcoming excellent development opportunities. As a partner with many of the world’s top sports water bottle brands, KingStar is also welcoming development opportunities.

Outdoor and Sporting Goods Market is Huge

According to the total size and value-added data of the national sports industry issued by the State Sports General Administration and the National Bureau of Statistics, the total output and added value of domestic sporting goods and related products manufacturing in 2015 and 2016 have taken the lead. According to the data of comprehensive network and research institutions, the income and profit of China’s sporting goods industry are growing continuously from 2013 to 2017, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.64% and 9.37% respectively. It is estimated that by 2018, the income of China’s sporting goods industry will reach 162.9 billion yuan. By 2022, the income of the sporting goods industry will further exceed 200 billion yuan. Among them, outdoor products are gradually growing and become one of the important contributions.

In the huge outdoor and sporting goods market, sports water bottles have been gradually developed in recent years under the guidance of the people’s active participation in sports and health sports concepts. KingStar, which specializes in the production and sale of sports water bottles, has also emerged rapidly as an important nugget.

How KingStar Has Become the Leading Supplier in the Sports Water Bottle

Among the partners of KingStar, there are many top world famous brands such as Supor, Starbucks, Colombia. KingStar has cooperated with them since 2011. With the support of KingStar, one of our clients in the US has shipped from a few hundred in a single month to more than 600,000 in a single month. With the help of KingStar, the client has developed into the first brand of casual outdoor water glasses in the United States and has been deployed in Europe and Asia since 2016. At the same time, KingStar and China Aerospace jointly established the “Titanium Civil Products Application Research and Innovation Center” in 2018. KingStar has overcome the key technical problems of stretching, welding and vacuuming from raw materials to production. The titanium water bottle products produced by the company have emerged in the international market. The cooperation between KingStar and the world’s outdoor sports giants such as Colombia also makes it more influential in the field of sports water bottles.

Hand in Hand with Sports to Create Great Sports Water Bottles in China

“KingStar wants to be the best sports bottle manufacturer”, which is described in the corporate vision of KingStar. Indeed, the cooperation with world-class outdoor brands such as Starbucks and Columbia has also made KingStar a market for outdoor sports products. At the same time, this has become an important opportunity for KingStar to fully enter the sports field and build the best sports water bottle brand in China. To this end, KingStar has also begun to frequently sponsor and support sports events and events, and practice its corporate responsibility while shaping its own brand tonality.

KingStar’s sponsorship in sports is also from gas volleyball to marathon to football and taekwondo. From the scope of the regional marathon also has a national competitive and ornamental national security football events, but also known as the volleyball association and other events. In recent years, Chinese yoga has developed rapidly. As a heavyweight event in the yoga program, “The King’s Duel” has attracted the attention of many yoga and sports enthusiasts. With the strategic cooperation with the yoga movement, KingStar will form a professional sports equipment cooperation cooperation with thousands of yoga clubs under the “War of the Kings” line, and will reach more than 3,000 yoga clubs in the future. KingStar will pass this The model provides the most professional and healthy sports bottles for yoga lovers across the country. In the cooperation between KingStar and the football club, KingStar has improved its awareness of the professional athletes’ drinking water needs by understanding the professional drinking water needs of athletes. It is also the idea of ​​building scientific and technological products in the past two years. In the foundation of the big health field, the blueprint for the “smart sports water bottle” planning is initially constructed.

The importance of sports to people’s healthy lives is self-evident. And KingStar is deeply aware of the important feature of sports, and put forward the concept of “Scientific Healthy Drinking Water Solution Provider”: tailor-made “smart sports water bottle” for professional athletes. According to the state of the human body after exercise, based on heart rate, body temperature and pulse, the body condition of the athlete is obtained in multiple directions, and the amount of water required by the human body is automatically controlled to achieve the best state after exercise, so that the drinking water of professional athletes becomes more Scientific health. Of course, in order to make the products more scientific and intelligent, KingStar has reached strategic cooperation with a number of sports university technology centers. Everyone focuses on the theme of “sports technology and sports industry integration”, with sports technology serving the national fitness as the goal, from products and technologies. The service, promotion of sports and business, etc., to achieve the achievements of sports science and technology transformation of the sports industry.

With the development of science and technology, China’s traditional sporting goods manufacturing industry is welcoming new upgrades. This also makes today’s China’s sporting goods manufacturing industry mainly reflected in two major characteristics: First, artificial intelligence promotes the transformation and upgrading of the sporting goods manufacturing industry, and second, builds a strong brand to enhance the international competitiveness of the traditional sporting goods manufacturing industry. At these two points, KingStar is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. KingStar will improve the production efficiency by transforming the production mode and adopting information management.

In addition to product innovation, KingStar is constantly exploring and developing, hoping to create more perfect products to meet the diverse needs of people’s lives. The series of products with “outdoor sports” as the main application scene are products that meet the needs of consumers. KingStar hopes to change the consumer’s fixed impression of traditional water bottles through the continuous improvement of the product chain to produce true professional intelligence. Sports water bottles. Constantly broaden the field, set a new goal, and strive to let the public use technology to drink water healthily in their lives.

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KingStar develops special water tools for sports such as cross-country skiing, marathon and cycling, in order to carry out organic integration of brand positioning and professional development strategies. At the same time, KingStar will focus on establishing a scientific drinking water standard for sports bottles, providing scientific and healthy drinking water solutions for people of different sports scenes, ages and drinking modes, and strive to become the first brand of international sports bottles.

KingStar becomes a leader in the water bottle industry by intensively working in the water bottle industry to create healthy, environmentally friendly and intelligent drinking water solutions for consumers.

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