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Yeti Insulated Tumbler Won’t Hold Ice: Why and How to Fix This

August 17th, 2022|FAQ|

The Yeti insulated stainless steel tumbler is of high-quality, which means that the tumbler can be costly and it can last for a long time if kept properly. But somehow you may become one of the few people who unfortunately encounter problems such as the ice in the tumbler melts quickly. This would be the last thing that you want to see if you go to the store and spend quite a sum of money for the bottle that can hold ice and keep your drink cold.

In this article, you will learn some of the main reasons why ice melts so fast. As the leading stainless steel tumbler manufacturer, we often offer some tips to solve the problems in order to keep ice and make your water cold all day.

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How Yeti Cups Keep Water Cold?

To put it simple, Yeti cups are made of double wall stainless steel. There is no air between the double walls and a vacuum will be formed to prevent heat radiation from entering the bottle. This explains why the ice in the tumbler can be kept for a long time.

However, to explain how the vacuum works will be more complicated, but it should give you some basic knowledge about how the cup holds ice.

How Long Should Drink Stay Cold in a Yeti Cup?

As we all know putting some ice cubes into your drink in on hot summer day will a real treat. Even though ice cubes are a good way to keep drinks cool, they can only stay cold for a short time because it melts and evaporates quickly. If you put a lot of ice in your Yeti tumbler or bottle, and pour about one-third of cold water into the bottle, (not water coming out of the tap or water with room temperature), then keep your Yeti cup away from direct sunlight or extreme heat, it should be able to keep your drink cold for more than 24 hours.

However, if you fill your Yeti cup with half ice and half cold water, you can expect the water to stay cold for 12-18 hours.

With a small amount of ice and two-thirds of cold water, you are more likely to keep the water cold for 6-12 hours.

And for cold water alone, the Yeti tumbler can keep it cold for 2-6 hours.

Of course, how long can the cup keep your drink cold also depends on the temperature. If it is too hot, then the time will be slightly reduced. But in general, Yeti cups are doing a great job at keeping water cold for a long time.

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Reasons Your Yeti Tumbler is Not Keeping Water Cold

If you notice that your Yeti cup can’t keep water cold, here are some reasons you should consider first.

The Vacuum Insulation is Compromised

One of the reasons that your Yeti cup can not hold ice and keep your drink cold is that the vacuum insulation might be damaged or the insulation material is damaged or got wet. If this is the case you may need to contact the company and see if they can replace it or repair it for you.

It’s Being Exposed to Too Much Heat

External heat will affect how long the Yeti cup can keep the water cool. If you put your tumbler in a car in summer or in backpack where the temperature can high for a long time, it will make the water in your Yeti cup heat up faster.

Direct sunlight is another factor that may cause the water temperature to rise. This is especially true if your tumbler is dark or with a dark cup insulator.

The best way to make sure the tumbler can keep your drink is to put it somewhere cool and avoid direct sunlight when you take it with you while traveling.

Your Ice Is Not Cold Enough

The refrigerator in your home is probably set to 0ºF (-18ºC), which makes ice much cooler than freezing. This means it needs a lot of heat before it melts. However, freezers in service stations or ice machines will usually give you ice above 0ºF (-18ºC). This “warm ice” is closer to its melting temperature, so it will melt faster.

Make sure you’re using the coldest ice cubes to fill your vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler cup.

You need more ice

It’s possible that the ice in your Yeti cup melts quickly because you don’t use enough ice.

If you fill the whole bottle with water and then throw a few ice cubes into it, it might not be enough for you to enjoy cold water for a whole day. However, if you fill two-thirds of your tumbler with water and then pour some pre-frozen water into it, the ice will last longer and your drink will stay cool for a long period of time.

Remember if you put room temperature water or tap water in a Yeti cup, any ice you put in will begin to melt quickly as the water becomes colder.

Larger ice cubes also last longer than smaller ones, which is to say the bigger the better. However, make sure you don’t put your Yeti tumbler into a refrigerator or it might be damaged.

You are Leaving the Lid Open

It is common sense that your cold drink will soon heat up when you leave the lip open and expose it to the air. If you leave the lid open, more heat might go into the tumbler, making the ice melt faster. The plastic cover will add more insulation as well as preventing the hot air from entering. If you want your water to stay cool for a longer time, please leave the lid on after drinking from your Yeti cup. But if you could not find your lid for some reason, you should try to get a new one and we suggest you get one from the company because the original lid is always the most suitable.

Final Thoughts on helping your Yeti Cup Keep Drinks Cold

Yeti tumblers are one of the leading cups brands and you can count on the brand to offer you a better product that can keep you from the heat and serve you cold drink whenever you crave it. Nevertheless, after getting your Yeti tumbler, there are also some small things that you should take notice if you want a better experience. In order to keep your drink cold, you should use as much as ice when you fill your cup; fill the water bottle with cold water instead of tap water; leave the lid open can have a big impact on how long your water stays cold.