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The Maintenance For Laser Engraving Machine

The laser engraving machine is a technology collection of varied disciplines including laser, optics, precision machinery, electronics, computer software and refrigeration in a high-tech product.

With people’s increasing awareness of copyright and aesthetics, laser marking is popular in various fields for custom water bottle production, processing or customization.

If a laser engraving machine don’t get usual maintenance, it’s easy to suffer from the loss of function after a long-term use, thus affecting the marking effect and rate and the service life of this machine. Therefore, the machine needs routine maintenance to ensure its normal functioning and improving working efficiency. As a leading wholesale blank water bottle manufacturer, KingStar gathers some matters about the maintenance of laser marking machines for you:

laser machine maintainence
  • Control System: The control system is mainly composed of scanning galvanometer, computer, control software (board), etc. If the computer crashes or the software does not respond, the galvanometer switch should be turned off immediately. Regularly deletion of some junk files and unnecessary software is also a must. To ensure organized data in hard disk and speed up the operation of software, you need to defragment the hard disk regularly. Do not add unknown files and software to the system to avoid machine being affected by viruses to ensure system working in a non-virus environment.
  • Cooling System: The cooling system is mainly divided into air cooling and water cooling, whose cleaning types are different.
  • (1)The air cooler, also called fan, will accumulate a lot of dust in the blower, which will not only make a lot of noise, also go against gas exhausting and deodorization. When the fan’s wind power is insufficient and the air exhausting is not smooth, we need to turn off the power and clean its dust.
  • (2)Water cooling requires the use of purified water, deionized water or distilled water. To keep its running, you should regularly change the circulating water, generally once a week and clean the water tank.
  • Optic System: The optic system works by the reflector and the focusing mirror. For a laser marking machine, the position of the focusing mirror will directly influence the propagation of the optical path, so the optic system should be checked at all times to ensure machine’s smooth running.
  • Lens system: Generally speaking, the lens system of the laser marking machine contains several objectives. Turn off the machine before cleaning. Then remove the lenses in order, and gently wipe them. (NOTICE: Don’t damage the surface coating while wiping. And the lens is a fragile, needing great care while handling. Correct installation of the lens to its original position after cleaning.)
  • Working Environment for Equipment: Working environment for equipment is also a factor which can not be neglected.
  • (1)Working temperature should be kept at 15-30 °C and the humidity at 45-75%. UV laser marking has higher requirements for working environment with temperature of 16-28 °C and humidity of 45-75%.
  • (2)Stay away from equipment whose machine tools with big vibration like stamping.
  • (3)No smoke and dust while processing.
  • Power mains fluctuation should be less than 10%. If this can’t be guaranteed, a voltage regulator must be installed.
  • Cleaning the equipment regularly: Exposure in the air for a long time, it is easy to accumulate dust in the circuit board, leading to a short circuit without frequent cleaning. But it’s easy to remove the dust. What you need to do is to open the outer cover of the box and clear the dust inside after power off. At other times, more attention should also be paid to the dust prevention outside the box.
  • No frequent startup or shutdown. Power on at least 3 minutes after shutdown.
  • Before Use: Check whether the software settings have changed, and whether the function buttons and indicator lights of the device are normal.
  • After Use: Clean the workbench, the displayer and the surface of keyboard.
  • Keep Dry: When not used for a long time, the working area should be kept dry to prevent the optical lens from moisture and mold.