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Causes and Corrective Actions for Laser-etching Text Distortion and Ghosting

Many laser engraving companies encountered laser-etching text distortion and ghosting issue when printing custom logos for blank stainless steel water bottles / cups / tumblers. KingStar will share our analysis and solutions here. KingStar is a leading wholesale blank stainless steel water bottle cup jug manufacturer. We provide one-stop manufacturing service for laser engraving / etching business.

1.All laser-engraving texts are ghosting

Causes and corrective actions: Check the lens for looseness and strains. In above situation, tighten or clean the lens.


2.No blur in the first half but in the later half of the same row of laser-engraving texts

Causes and corrective actions: If it is the offset of laser, this problem can be solved by adjustment of laser. For further instruction, please contact with laser etching machine suppliers or KingStar.


water bottle laser engraving process

3.Laser-engraving texts are distorting and ghosting

Causes and corrective actions: The product is not stabilized or not placed in the specified position. It is also possible that the product or machine is moved during laser engraving. In this case, you can fix the product in the specified position and avoid touching the working machine.

Besides the three main reasons mentioned above, too fast marking speed, excessive looseness or tightening of some parts of the equipment or other problems may lead to laser-etching words’ deformation or ghosting.

If you encounter problems that you can’t solve by yourself, you’d better contact with the equipment supplier. Otherwise, you can ask the laser marking machine supplier or KingStar for help.