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What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Water From A Titanium Cup?

May 11th, 2022|FAQ|

As the main type of water cup recommended by metal water bottle manufacturers, titanium cups have become the choice of countless young people. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of drinking water from titanium cups? What are the advantages and disadvantages of titanium cups? This article will answer for you.

 I. Advantages and disadvantages of drinking water from titanium cups

Titanium is a world-recognized non-toxic element. Due to its good biocompatibility, it is widely used in the manufacture of artificial hard tissues. It has good stability in living organisms and is not easy to corrode to form Ti ions.

Due to its low ionic toxicity, its hard tissue substitute material is superior to stainless steel, especially the pure titanium cup, which is not easy to precipitate heavy metals, and can be safely consumed in various beverages.

The titanium cup is made of titanium, so it is non-toxic and harmless. They are heat-resistant and less likely to breed bacteria. However, if you use it for a long time, you should also pay attention to cleaning at ordinary times, and do not neglect cleaning for a long time.

Titanium water bottles are mainly used in the field of high-end gifts. The titanium cup won’t rust, and it will still sparkle even after a long time of use.

The big advantage of titanium cups is that they are durable and strong, with antibacterial and insurance capabilities, and can be used for tea, coffee, milk, carbonated drinks, etc.

The only disadvantage of titanium cups is that they are more expensive, and there are many fake titanium cups on the market.

II. The advantages of titanium cups

  1. Light weight. The density of titanium is 43% of that of stainless steel. It is an ultra-light and ultra-hard metal, which is more convenient to carry when going out.
  2. Antibacterial. The antibacterial function is as high as 99%, so it has a strong preservation ability.
  3. The titanium cup will not react with other substances below 1000 degrees, and there will be no residual smell after use.
  4. Good thermal insulation effect.
  5. Through strict technical control, the titanium metal emits a natural color. No paint is used to achieve the effect of no fading, no fading, no discoloration, can withstand the carving of time, lasting and fresh.
  6. Good acid and alkali corrosion resistance.