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Titanium Cup VS Stainless Steel Cup, Which One is Better?

May 1st, 2022|FAQ|

Titanium and stainless steel are both raw materials for making metal drinking glasses. Titanium cups and stainless steel cups are very common in life and are widely welcomed by consumers. Titanium cup or stainless steel cup, which is better?

I. Introduction to Titanium

Titanium is found in the earth’s crust and can appear as a bright, lustrous metal, or as a silver-grey or dark-grey powder. Titanium is a lightweight, hard, heat- and cold-resistant metal with an oxide film on its surface that prevents wear and rust. Titanium adds a luxurious feel. It is more heat-resistant and cold-resistant than stainless steel, has the same strength and is nearly half lighter in weight, and is the most corrosion-resistant of all metals.

II. Introduction to stainless steel

Stainless steel is the abbreviation of stainless and acid-resistant steel. The steel that is resistant to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, and water or has stainless steel is called stainless steel. The steel grade is called acid-resistant steel.

There are many types of stainless steel, 304 stainless steel (18/8 stainless steel) and 316 stainless steel can be used to make custom water cups. Both SS304 is food grade. SS316 is medical grade.

III. The advantages of titanium

1) High corrosion resistance, suitable for aqua regia, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfide, and seawater corrosion resistance is better than stainless steel. The melting point is as high as 1670℃. Heat resistance 200~500℃ is better than any material.

2) High strength, about 1.5~2 times that of stainless steel.

3) Light weight, 0.4 times that of stainless steel. Titanium-plated metal can extend life tenfold.

4) It is anti-allergic to human skin and has a good touch.

IV. The advantages of stainless steel

1) It has good corrosion fatigue resistance and wear corrosion resistance, and is used in pumps, valves and other equipment under certain corrosive medium conditions.

2) It has high strength and fatigue strength, and the yield strength is twice that of 18-8 type austenitic stainless steel.

3) The tendency of hot cracking is small. Generally, there is no need for preheating before welding and no heat treatment after welding. It can be welded with dissimilar steels such as 18-8 type austenitic stainless steel or carbon steel.

4) The hot working temperature range of low chromium (18%cr) duplex stainless steel is wider than that of 18-8 type austenitic stainless steel, and its resistance is small. The steel is more difficult to heat than austenitic stainless steel. Compared with austenitic stainless steel, the thermal conductivity is large and the linear expansion coefficient is small, and it is also suitable for making the tube core of the heat exchanger.

V. Comparison of titanium cups and stainless steel cups

  1. Titanium cup is lighter
  2. The titanium cup is more durable and more suitable for outdoor use
  3. Titanium cups are more suitable for carbonated drinks
  4. Stainless steel cups are cheap and suitable for ordinary consumers

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