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The Laser Machine Type For Engraving Stainless Steel Bottle Tumbler Cup

Are you starting up a laser engraving business and selling custom printing logo water bottles and bulk personalized tumblers? The article will let you know which type of laser machine is exact you need.

Blank thermos water bottles, tumblers and cups are made of stainless steel which is a type of metal. Normally, both fiber laser engraving machine and the semiconductor laser engraving machine are able to etch and engrave on the surface of the metal. The CO2 laser etching machine can’t do that and it can only mark on non-metal materials which are based on bamboo, wood, leather, cloth, plastic and so on.

In recent years, with the rapid advancement of laser printing technology and the upgrade of equipment, the semiconductor laser engraving has been gradually eliminated from the market. Now almost all those laser engraving machines used for marking and engraving on metal materials are fiber laser engraving machines.

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What Is a Fiber Laser Engraving Machine?

A fiber laser machine means that the machine uses fiber lasers, which can be developed in the basis of optical fiber ampler. A higher power density can be formed easily inside the optical fiber under the influence of pumping light, leading to “population inversion” that produces working-laser materials. When adding an appropriate positive feedback loop (forming an optical resonant cavity), the oscillatory laser output can be formed.

The fiber laser etching machine can be applied to many materials. But it is mainly used on all kinds metal materials and part of non-metal materials with relatively higher ignition temperature, and it especially works wonders for materials that of high hardness, high ignition temperature and high fragility.

The laser equipment of the laser engraving production line of the stainless steel water cup factory is almost all fiber laser printer. This is an essential tool for customizing logos for private label water bottle tumbler clients.

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fiber laser machine for engraving metal bottles & tumblers

The Features of Fiber Laser Engraving Machines:

  1. A long lifespan: a fiber laser engraving machine typically has more than twice the lifespan than other kinds of fiber laser engraving machines. And the average life expectancy of a fiber laser etching machine can reach around 100,000 hours.
  2. A wide range of application: it can work on multiple metal materials and non-metal materials, and it performs best especially when employed on materials that of high hardness, high ignition temperature and high fragility.
  3. It uses air cooling approach and the whole machine is small.
  4. Power-efficient: it requires less current flow than other laser engraving machines when it works.
  5. Reliability and stability: fiber laser etching machines boasts many distinct advantages in the aspect of fiber engraving, which greatly helps ensure the reliability of the system. Meanwhile, the laser amplifies by the oscillation in the fiber-optic waveguide, which makes it dissipate less and more stable. And it also helps the fiber laser engraving machine produce more stable light beams without the impact of dust, gas and the loose machinery parts.
  6. The fiber laser etching machine can function well even in extreme environments and it is insusceptible to blow, vibration, high temperature or dust.
  7. The fiber laser engraving machine is energy-efficient and exerts a minimized impact on the environment. It is also pollution-free and easy to operate.
  8. All of the fiber laser marking machines deployed in KingStar’ production line adopt high-speed digital scanning heads and the engraving speed is two to three times faster than traditional laser printing machines. The light beams are of high quality and close to the diffraction limit, which results in more subtle engraving. The electro-light converting efficiency of the fiber laser engraving machine can reach as high as 30%, and the power consumption is about 10% of its traditional counterparts. The machine is controlled by computers, which makes it more efficient and helps it automate.

If you have any questions about laser engraving process on blank stainless steel tumblers / bulk blank water bottles, please do not hesitate to contact us. As a leading blank water bottle supplier, and many laser engraving business company owners’ reliable partner, KingStar will continue to help you solve your actual problems and make continuous progress.