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Laser Engraving White Text or Logo on Stainless Steel Bottle Cup Flask

For engraving on metal materials, fiber laser marking machine works the best. Since the laser marking machine is a marking (engraving, engraving, coding) equipment that does not require consumables, the color marked on the object is generally based on the material of the marked workpiece, the model used, It depends on the auxiliary materials and the adjusted parameters, not what color you want to be able to print.

So, what color can the laser marking machine print on stainless steel? How to configure and set laser machine accordingly? This is a question that laser engraving company owners and technicians often email us about.

Actually, laser machine can engrave black, white, gold and colorful colors on stainless steel bottles / cups.

In this article, KingStar will share you that, how to set the parameters of the laser machine to engrave white texts & logos on stainless steel water bottles / vacuum flasks / wine mugs / blank tumblers / dog bowls.

blank tumblers

Laser machine model: 50W fiber laser marking machine

  1. Adjust the focal length;
  2. Select double filling: write 0 degrees for the angle of filling ①, check “Enable” for filling ②, and the chromaticity is 90 degrees;
  3. Fill in two colors (do not select the font when modifying the parameters), the first pass can be a little heavier, the speed is 1500, the power is 70; the second pass, the power is 40, and the frequency is 50.

The color of laser marking mainly depends on the nature of the material, the size of the laser power (that is, the power, speed, spacing, frequency, etc.). Different condition settings will produce different effects, and the parameters set by different models will also be different. You can express samples to our company, and KingStar can help you debug the printing effect, and the proofing is free.

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