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Laser Engraving Machine to Mark Black Characters on Stainless Steel Tumbler Cup

Stainless steel can be seen everywhere around us, such as faucets, key chains, dishes, thermos cups, etc. Most of these items are made of stainless steel. How to etch black logos or patterns or monograms on stainless steel, such as stainless steel water cups, is a problem that every laser engraving company often encounters.

In recent years, as consumers love laser-marked logos, more and more customers require KingStar to engrave their private labels with lasers on the surface of bulk blank stainless steel tumblers. In the manufacturing process, in order to meet some specific requirements, often Make some logos or engrave some pictures and texts on it, and some specify black. KingStar adopts high-tech machines that integrate laser technology, optical technology, precision machinery, electronic technology, computer software technology and refrigeration. Laser engraving machine marks stainless steel products.

laser marking machine

As a private label water bottle manufacturer, KingStar will simply share with you: the method of laser engraving machine to make black characters on stainless steel (that is, to make black effect on the surface of stainless steel):

Stainless steel marking uses a fiber laser engraving machine. The laser power is usually 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, and at least 20W is required for stainless steel blackening:

  1. The power of the laser should be generally adjusted to between 15W-17W;
  2. The marking speed should be generally below 100mm/S;
  3. The defocusing method is adopted, and the density of the deviation from the focus is plus or minus 2-3 mm;
  4. If the font is small, it can be adjusted by 0.1, and if the font is large, the density should be adjusted smaller;
  5. Adjust the frequency to 50.

The above is just one of the adjustment parameters for stainless steel blackening. Because the purity of the material is different, the parameters will also be different. The color depth is related to the marking speed, frequency, current size, density, and laser power. In place, the effect will be completely different. And not all stainless steel workpieces can be marked with a pure black effect. The specificity depends on the purity of the material. The same material has different purity, and the effect of laser marking will be different.