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Does UV Light Kill Bacteria and Coronavirus in Water?

June 22nd, 2022|FAQ|

Our world has been suffering from Covid-19, a type of coronavirus that has caught us all by surprise. The normal production has been disturbed, so does our life. This terrible virus, together with its several new types, influences our body functions negatively. According to WHO, Covid-19 can spread through the air, water, inorganic & organic substances, which is hard to withstand and fight.

Luckily, scientists across the world have managed to figure out the mechanism of Covid-19, employ nucleic acid testing to test coronavirus, and work out related vaccines to better protect people from it. Wearing a mask, especially a KN-95, is a good way to keep people from viruses despite the fact that this approach can not kill bacteria and coronavirus. So what about drinking water? Can we find a way to get hydrated while minimizing the chances of being infected? Well, in today’s blog, we will share with you knowledge about UV light and UV light water bottles.


UV light, also known as ultraviolet light, is a type of ray that helps to eliminate and kill bacteria through UV light disinfection. This cleaning method is often adopted to inactivate and kill pathogens, bacteria and viruses in water. These annoying substances can not be easily removed with traditional treatment, hence the application of UVL. So how does UV light succeed in inactivating bacteria in water?

In fact, UV light is capable of penetrating and piercing the cell walls of bacteria, which eventually alters the composition of DNA for good. This permanently and effectively weakens microorganisms who later fail to reproduce and infect, and these pathogens as well as germs become noninfectious.

Unlike chemical processes (like the chlorine method) that are expected to affect the taste of water and even do harm to the body consequently, the UV light disinfection process is fundamentally a physical process that only kills bacteria without generating any side effects. On the contrary, some other cleaning approaches may directly or indirectly make by-products through disinfection. For instance, the chlorine method will generate trihalomethanes (THMs) who have been proved to be carcinogenic.


There are basically three types of UV light according to the amount of energy they carry. They are UVA, UVB and UVC lights.

  • UVA contains the lowest amount of energy among the three. Let’s put this concept in another way. When you are exposed to the sun directly, you are receiving energy from UVA light. This ultraviolet light has close link to skin aging and skin damage. Therefore, you are advised to adopt sunscreen cream to minimize the influences of UVA while in the beach.
  • UVB light lies in the middle of the UV light family. And only a small part of sunlight brings ultraviolet B. However, the influences of UVB should never be underestimated as this type of UVL causes sunburns and even skin cancers when things become worse.
  • In the UV light spectrum, UVC light boasts the most amount of energy and does great harm to people when exposed to it directly. Fortunately, our earth’s ozone shoulders the responsibility of absorbing most of it and people will not be affected negatively under the protection. By now, scientists and researchers have invented various sources of UVC lights, and adopt them as an effective way to inactivate and kill germs and bacteria.


COVID-19, the terrible virus that choked the world all by surprise, is a novel coronavirus disease spotted in 2019. COVID-19 has caused a series of global problems, heavily exerting a shock on people’s lives, the economies and public health systems in the world. After being ravaged mentally and physically by Coronavirus Disease 2019, people start to ask a simple question, “Can we use UV light to kill Covid-19?”.

In order to answer this question, we should know first what is COVID-19. COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2, basically a virus that has existed in nature for a long period of time. According to FDA (the Food and Drug Administration), the SARS-CoV-2 virus can be inactivated and killed by UV light under required conditions (certain duration, wavelength and dose).

UV light is capable of killing viruses in the air, solid and water. This light boasts a strong function of destroying nucleic acids of cells. In this way, these viruses then fail to replicate and reproduce, let lone spread further. Recently, a research conducted by the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) shows that the SARS-CoV-2 virus yields to irradiation with UV light, which strongly proves the possibility of adopting UV light to remove COVID-19 in water.

IV. Is Self-Cleaning Water Bottle Worth It?

Stainless steel water bottles are easy to use, yet not all of them are easy to clean. People may find it difficult to sweep germs and bacteria out of a bottle with the sponge. As a result, some self-cleaning water bottles are invented to solve this delicate issue. And the most advanced self-cleaning water bottle is unquestionably the UV light stainless steel water bottle.

In general, a UV light stainless steel water bottle shares the same function (except the UV function) with a normal double-walled stainless steel water bottle. This type of water bottle is engineered with a UVC light bulb under the bottle lid, which is in charge of killing bacteria, germs and viruses. In this way, people can enjoy clean water without cleaning the bottle laboriously, and liquids in such a premium UV light water bottle remain fresh and cool/hot.

wholesale Is Self-Cleaning Water Bottles

The UV light function can be activated easily, normally with two taps on the bottle lid. And the bottle will then clean itself in two or three minutes. Some advanced types also automatically take the cleaning job once a program has been set by users. In addition, the rechargeable battery together with the stainless steel material guarantees that a UV light bottle is reusable, sustainable and durable for sure.

As one of the capable self-cleaning water bottles, the stainless steel UV light water bottle provides people with clean and pure water. After a deep cleaning, pathogens, bacteria, germs and viruses are all swept, and the authentic flavor of drinks is surprisingly left. Under the Pandemic period, staying hydrated with such a superior stainless steel self-cleaning water bottle becomes a trend and is worth trying.

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