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Comparison of Stainless Steel Tumbler Bottle Powder Coating and Spray Painting Process

Powder coating and spray painting are common decorating techniques used on the surface of stainless steel water bottles and tumblers. Our customers often ask us that which one is better for tumbler bottles? What advantages and disadvantages do they have? Cost difference? What kind of surface treatment we should choose for different bottles? In this article, we will make a detailed exposition about these questions.

Surface effect comparison: The surface of the powder coated water cup is rough, and the anti-slip effect is excellent. Even if there is water on the surface of the water cup, it is not slippery;

The surface of the spray-painted water bottle / tumbler is relatively smooth, slippery, and has a mirror effect.

Cost comparison: Taking a 20oz tumbler as an example, the spray cost of each tumbler is USD0.05, while the cost of spray paint is USD0.03/PC. Spray paint is cheaper.

The following is a detailed introduction of the spray and paint process.

Stainless Steel Tumbler Bottle Powder Coating Process

powder coating process

  1. No Solvent and Eco-friendly

In the production, transportation, storage and construction process of the vacuum insulation water bottles, the volatilization of solvent will cause serious pollution to the atmosphere and water, and bring physical harm to the operator. If the storage and operation is not appropriate, it is easy to cause fire. In addition, waste paint treatment is also very difficult. The powder coatings contain no solvent which is 100% solid paint. The manufacturing, transportation, storage and construction of the water bottles solve the pollution problem caused by solvents, improve the working conditions of the operators, and are beneficial to the health of the operators. In the electrostatic process of water bottle’s powder coating, automatic production can be formed when automatic coating machinery and recycling system are configured, thus saving energy and resources and improving production efficiency of the bottles.

  1. Highly Utilized and Recyclable Powder

Compared with the paints, the powder of the metal water bottles can be directly used in the production process coated to the surface of stainless steel, after baking curing coating formation, and has not been coated with powder can be recovered and used for powder into the system, powder coating the utilization rate of about 95%, and paint, besides all solvent volatilization loss is not coated with the paint is hard to recycled, so the general paint the actual utilization of about 50%. Powder that does not adhere to the stainless steel surface is collected and reused throughout the process, meaning there is little waste. Since the coating process for insulation is carried out in a sealed environment, there is little risk of air pollution. As mentioned above, this process produces very little waste. However, there may be significant additional costs during the heating or curing process.

  1. More Durable with Powder Coating

Powder coatings can be used to prepare high-performance coatings with various functions by using resins that are insoluble in solvents at room temperature or macro-molecular resins that are not easy to dissolve and cannot be liquidated. Powder paint protects the vacuum insulation water bottle you rely on every day. It provides a longer lasting finish than liquid paint, while still providing a beautiful finish, making your vacuum insulation water bottle both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Powder coated vacuum insulation water bottle are more resistant to degradation of coating quality due to shock, moisture, chemicals, ultraviolet light and other extreme weather conditions. This, in turn, reduces the risk of scratches, peeling, abrasion, corrosion, fading, and other wear problems. In addition to their durability, powder-coated vacuum insulation water bottle are an attractive option for travelers, mountaineers and hikers due to their environmental advantages. And the powder coating in the preparation or film formation, no solvent added and released, will not produce through the film of the pinhole, so the outer material of the vacuum insulation water bottle will be more dense. The powder-coated surface often gives the vacuum insulation water bottle a high resistance to scratches and peeling, preventing other effects besides normal wear and tear. Compared with paint coating, powder coating is more robust and durable.

Stainless Steel Tumbler Bottle Spray Painting Process

spray painting process

  1. A Wide Selection of Paint for Vacuum Bottle

Powder coatings are good at achieving thick surface finishes, but basically can’t achieve thin surface finishes. So if you just want to choose a vacuum that feels smooth to the touch, you can opt for a spray-painted one. There are many varieties of paint and a wide range of choices. According to the different film material, paint can be divided into 17 categories, the production of a variety of paint has up to thousands of kinds, new varieties are still emerging, consumers can according to the performance of the product, use, use environment and other factors, targeted choice of paint, in order to achieve the relatively best coating effect. You can choose the paint color according to the Pantone code to customize the unique look of your water bottle.

  1. Simple Pretreatment Process

Because the powder coating process usually uses electrostatic adsorption to spray the powder coating directly on the exposed metal surface, the pre-treatment process requirements for the coated object are relatively strict. Before spraying the water bottle, it must be ensured that the coated object is oil-free, rust-free, and free of any impurities. And there should be a uniformly distributed phosphating film on the surface of the coated object to improve the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the coating, otherwise it will affect the quality of the coating. In a short period of time, defects such as rust and shedding will appear in the coating film, which will seriously affect the service life of the coating film. When the spray painting process is used, because the primer has excellent rust resistance and good adhesion to the substrate and finish paint, the corrosion resistance of the coating film is greatly improved and the service life of the coating film can be ensured. Only need to carry out degreasing and rust removal treatment to the coated object without phosphating treatment, you can spray the primer on the coated object. Therefore, the pre-treatment process is simplified, the production cost is saved, and the production efficiency is improved.

  1. Higher Skill Requirements

Due to the variety of paint, this requires the operator on the assembly line to the use of all kinds of paint, performance, use scope, construction method and matters of attention in the operation as well as the sex of of all kinds of paint to do a detailed understanding of, and have certain chromatology knowledge, can according to the needs of customers, using the primary color required to modulate keep-warm glass surface. Good spray painting process must ensure that the color adhesion is strong, not easy to drop paint. The quality of spraying depends on the operator’s proficiency, but the production efficiency is much higher than the brush coating method. It has the characteristics of simple construction, uniform coating, smooth and smooth. Because both are manual operation, the coating quality is closely related to the technical level and experience of the operator.

From stainless steel raw materials to manufacturing, painting, testing, transportation and after-sales service, all processes of KingStar water bottle production are strictly controlled by a professional quality management system. You can choose different decoration methods for your stainless steel water bottles according to your needs, please feel free to contact us if any question.

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