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Can I Purchase Bulk Custom Water Bottles / Tumblers with a Logo?

October 19th, 2022|Business / Corporate Gifting, FAQ|

The answer is YES. There are many ways that you can do to give your company an edge over your competitors such as purchasing bulk custom water bottles/tumblers with a logo. As an experienced company in the industry of water bottle manufacturing, KingStar has been providing OEM and ODM water bottle manufacturing services for decades.

Custom water bottles/tumblers are always a useful and favorable way to market your business. You can use it as a promotional gift that can be handed out to people that are interested in your company, or you can buy those water bottles/ tumblers for your employees as a reward. The custom water bottle will be essential for any anyone, because they can bring it with them when they go to work, head for the gym or when doing outdoor activities for hydration. If you are considering purchasing bulk custom water bottles/tumblers as a gift for your customers, employees or even as the promotional means for your business, you may wonder how can you make it more special.

Below, we will delve into some of the most popular ways our customers choose to add logos on custom water bottles/tumblers, as well as some useful tips to help you get your employees and potential customers the best corporate gift.

custom logo monogram water bottles in bulk

How do We Add Your Logo?

There are many available technologies used for putting a logo on custom water bottles/ tumblers, and due to its sophisticated engineering team KingStar can offer its customers many of the printing methods. This gives you a wider range of water bottle choices such as stainless steel water bottles and plastic ones.

For example, here are some printing methods we offer, and we will give a brief introduction of how do we apply them.

Logo printing options:

Silk Screening /Silk Printing: Screen printing is one of the most commonly used printing techniques for many companies to print patterns on various products such as water bottles. Screen printing has a long history, and it has become a complete commercial printing method.in addition, it can be applied to various materials like plastic, aluminum and glass.

Heat Transfer: Heat transfer printing technology has long been used in fabric heat transfer printing production. This is a rather mature technology and with this printing method, you can get many exquisite and unique patterns. It can be used on a variety of materials such as fabrics, plastics, ceramics and metal coated plates.

Digital Printing: Digital printing is different from traditional printing methods, such as silk printing, because digital printing machines don’t need printing plates. Instead of using metal plates to transfer images, digital printers print images directly onto media substrates.

Engraving and Embossing:

Laser Etching / Engraving: Laser etching is a kind of marking method that uses high energy density laser to irradiate the workpiece, which vaporizes or changes the color of the material surface, thereby leaving a permanent mark. Generally speaking, black, white and gray are common colors. It is easy to identify, mark on the product in a way similar to carving. It usually makes your logo last longer.

Embossing: just like engraving, this technology helps highlight the logo and make it last longer than you expect. It is getting popular among our customers who prefer to use it on the bulk custom tumblers.


Metal Emblem


Tips That Help You Get a Perfect Company Logo

Water bottles can be made of different kinds of materials such as stainless steel, wood, plastic and ceramic. Making a perfect brand water bottle as an amazing company gift requires a little preparation in advance and these tips will help to make it simple!

Stick to brand colors

It is essential to print a logo that has the same classic color as your brand on your custom water bottle or tumbler. When customers or employees receive their new water bottles, they should know that it is your company by looking at the familiar color.

However, please note that some colors may not be compatible with the water bottle itself. For example, if you choose the water bottle/tumbler that has a similar color to you brand, then you may want a different color for the logo in order to distinct the two colors. Figuring out how to best adjust colors on the bottle can make the logo more noticeable.

Select the correct sign position

Keep this in mind when choosing your trademark: you don’t want a trademark that is too big for the bottle you choose. Otherwise, the logo may be highlighted in the wrong way. We usually like to put the logo between the cap and the bottom of the bottle.

It is also worth noting that you can put multiple signs on your bottle. This can look great with a smaller logo besides some iconic features of your brand. We can also help you put a small logo on the cap!

Choose your materials wisely

As we mentioned earlier, the material is a very important factor when you consider putting a logo on the water bottle. Custom tumblers offer you more options, however, if you choose glass water bottles it may not be the best company gift or a promotional giveaway for you customers and it may make it more difficult to put a logo on that glass bottle.

Finding out which material is best for your needs is part of the process of designing a good gift. Depending on the material you choose, you will be faced with different choices about how to apply your logo to the bottle.

Get your custom water bottle/tumbler from KingStar

It’s always a good idea to give customers, employees and event participants something that can last for years such as a sturdy water bottle/tumbler with your company logo on it, because it can not only help you win some potential customers but also get your business some exposure. Since we are the OEM water bottle manufacturer, all Kingstar’s products are customizable, and you can find more information of our products and services from our website. You can send your logo design to us (sales@waterbottle.tech) or leave an online message.