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Are Yeti Dog Bowls Safe?


I. Yeti Dog Bowls Are Safe to Use

II. Stainless Steel: The Best Material for Dog Bowls

2.1 Plastic Dog Bowls

2.2 Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

2.3 Ceramic Dog Bowls

III. Choose the Right Stainless Steel

Yeti is a world famous drinkware brand that sells drinkware products of premium quality. The safety as well as the durability of Yeti Ramblers has been recognized by the public. What about other products of Yeti? Actually, this company not only sells water bottles designed for people, but also promotes pet gears for, say, dogs. Currently, Yeti is selling Boomer 4 and Boomer 8 dog bowls for pets. These two dog bowls are all made by stainless steel, and the only difference between them is the size. Boomer 4 has a volume of 32 oz while Boomer 8 is twice as big as Boomer 4.

So here comes a question: Does Yeti use high quality stainless steel in their dog bowls? Are they safe for dogs to use?

I. Yeti Dog Bowls Are Safe to Use

Yeti dog bowls are made by food-grade stainless steel 18-8 (SUS304) that features incredible durability and reliability. The Boomer series are 100% BPA free, suitable for holding both water and food. As for the hygiene, the smooth stainless steel surface is easy to wash and clean. So pet owners can wash off remaining food in the bowl without too much efforts. In addition, Boomer 4 and 8 are completely dishwasher safe, saving owners both time and labour. The durable stainless steel and the sturdy finish made by quality molding powder ensures that dogs will not bite through the bowl when chewing food enthusiastically. The anti-scratch and anti-rust material also makes the bowl itself as new as ever.

II. Stainless Steel: The Best Material for Dog Bowls

Yeti dog bowls are all made by stainless steel. Why don’t they adopt other materials such as plastics or ceramics to make the bowl?

As you may have noticed that there are stainless steel dog bowls, plastic dog bowls and ceramic ones on the market. They come in different colors, sizes and also prices. But do you really know which one is the best and most practical? Well, the subtitle has unveiled the answer: dog bowls made by stainless steel are the right choice!

  • Plastic Dog Bowls

The most obvious downside of a plastic dog bowl is that it can get small scratches easily after a certain time of use. These scratches offer a perfect place for food to rest, which later incurs the visit of bacteria. Bacteria are definitely bad for pets as some dogs may develop diseases and even succumb to them when exposed to fatal ones.

Worse still, plastics will emit dangerous chemicals such as BPA into the food and water, which does great harm to the health of dogs. Also, some dogs may be allergic to inferior plastics. The fragility of plastic dog bowls is also a potential threat as dogs may enthusiastically bite through the bowl when chewing food and some small pieces of plastics may be swallowed by them. These plastic pieces, though small in size, may hurt or lacerate dogs’ organs such as the esophagus and stomach. And small puppies may feel difficult to digest plastic objects remaining in their body. In a word, plastic dog bowls are not good at all!

  • Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

Stainless steel is the safest material for containers including bottles, tumblers, kettles and bowls. Dog bowls made by stainless steel are durable, unbreakable and easy to clean. Normally, such as bowl is not entirely made by stainless steel as the protective foot is often made by BPA-free silicone. The silicone helps to stabilize the dog bowl by offering a strong grip so that dogs will not flip over the bowl during eating the food.

  • Ceramic Dog Bowls

Ceramic dog bowls are also popular as they are easy to clean and are quite attractive. Like stainless steel dog bowls, ceramic bowls makes it impossible for dogs to bite through, which greatly protects them from being hurt. This material also contains no detrimental element and can be used carefreely. But, ceramics are susceptible to impact and may become cracked if used improperly. And when that happens, the bowl must be discarded at once.

III. Choose the Right Stainless Steel

In fact, not every type of stainless steel can be used to make food-grade products. And it is food-grade stainless steel SUS304 and medical-grade SUS316 that are suitable for making food-related containers. Some dog bowl manufacturers may look to reduce the cost by adopting inferior stainless steel in place of premium ones, which directly lowers the quality of final products. As a result, dog bowls made by this unqualified material may generate harmful chemicals and fail to withstand the trial of times. That’s partly the reason why some dog bowl manufacturers refuse to disclose the grade of stainless steel they are using.

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