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Are UV Light Self-Cleaning Bottles Safe?

June 8th, 2022|FAQ|

As one of the most advanced drinking gears, the UV light self-cleaning water bottle, together with the smart water bottle and carbonated water bottle, has hit the market resoundingly. A typical UV light stainless steel water bottle is equal to a normal double-walled insulated water bottle in terms of insulation performance, durability and versatility. However, just as the name has implied, an UV light water bottle has an extra cleaning function by disinfecting contents through ultra violet radiation.

Like every emerging thing in history, the UV light water bottle embraces both supports and negative comments since its birth. Some consumers admire the great cleaning property of it, whereas others argue that UV light water bottles are not safe to use. They believe that stay hydrated with such a water bottle may increase the chances of developing cancers. Are UV light bottles safe? In this article, we will tell you the truth of UV light stainless steel water bottles.

I. HydroCap UV Filter Lid

Waatr has invented HydroCap UV filters for stainless steel wide mouth water bottles. This UV filter bottle lid is suitable for nearly ALL wide mouth bottle brands, such as Hydro Cell, Hydro Flask, Hydrology and so on. The portability as well as the adaptability of this filter lid enables customers to continue to get hydrated with their wide-mouth bottles while enjoying the high-end UV disinfection technology. Besides, these lids also help to save money that would have been spent on buying a new UV light water bottle. And this time, customers only have to replace the old lid with this advanced one. So are HydroCap UV filter lids safe?

Yes, they are safe to use. HydroCap UV filter lids are capable of inactivating and killing 99% of pathogens, bacteria, germs and viruses in water. When these annoying and bad things are exposed to UV radiation, the cell of them would rupture and the DNA is altered permanently. As a result, these bacteria become inert and harmless. What’s more, according to Waatr, when cells cease to replicate yet generate thymine dimers on absorption of ultra-violet light, the cleaning effects of UVL will be greatly enhanced.

After a deep cleaning, customers can enjoy a healthy and sanitary hydration at ease. Also, these lids easily fit on nearly all wide mouth bottles of world-famous bottle brands including Hydro Cell, Klean Kanteen and Hydro Flask.

HydroCap UV Filter Lid

II. How Does a HydroCap UV Filter Lid Work

In fact, this capable lid employs 2 x 20mW UVC LEDs to perform the UV radiation function. These two LED bulbs can yield maximum purification against germs, bacteria and viruses. As mentioned before in our previous blogs, UVC belongs to the UV family and contains the maximum energy to inactivate bio-contaminants. And this lid only needs a small and replaceable lithium ion battery to run the function well, which saves money and labor.

When you activate the UV cleaning function, make sure that the bottle is not overfilled, and you can shake the bottle to achieve full efficacy. According to Waatr, the longer you use the self-cleaning function, the better quality your water will hold. And the suggested radiation cycle is 3 minutes.

There are two working modes: 1-minute cycle and 3-minute cycle. The 1-minute cycle is designed and adopted for clean tap water while the 3-minute cycle works for questionable water sources like river, stream and lake. Press the top button twice and the 1-minute cycle is activated, 3 times and the 3-minute cycle is launched. It is also advised to choose the second working mode, which further ensures the quality of drinking. When the bottle sits in the self-cleaning process, the top of a HydroCap UV filter lid will pulse blue and will flash green as soon as the cleaning cycle finishes. It must be mentioned that according to Waatr, this type of UV filter lid only works for clear water and fails to disinfected, say, muddy river water.

III. Larq UV Light Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Larq is a stainless steel water bottle brand that is devoted to offering customers healthy hydration solutions. Its UV light stainless steel water bottle has hit the self-cleaning water bottle market heavily and is worth buying. So Larq UV light bottles are undeniably safe for hydration.

A Larq UV light water bottle is made of food-grade stainless steel SUS304 (18-8) and is equipped with LED technology to perform the UVL radiation function. These advanced water bottles are definitely not bargains: a 17 oz Larq bottle sells for $100 and a 25 oz UV light bottle is sold at a price of $120. Despite the high price, it is worthy of purchasing such a premium self-cleaning bottle for a healthy hydration life.

The small UVC LED light of a Larq bottle is capable of inactivating and eliminating 99% of germs, viruses and bacteria in water. Unlike normally stainless steel water bottles that need to be cleaned regularly so as to keep the water inside pure and clean, the Larq UVL water bottle can keep germs from growing as long as the self-cleaning function runs in order. In this way, customers can enjoy purified water while saving labor of tiring cleaning. The Larq UV light water bottle can keep icy-cold contents cold for up to 24 hours. However, this bottle is not suitable for hot liquids according to Larq, which may overheat the UVC light.

IV. Best Self-cleaning Water Bottles for 2022

wholesale Larq Water Bottle

In this part we will share with you 3 best self-cleaning stainless steel water bottles for 2022. These bottles all kill bacteria, viruses, germs and pathogens, safe for use and hydration.

  • The CrazyCap UVL bottle

The CrazyCap bottle has two working modes: the normal one and the crazy one. The former is suitable for handling fountain water and tap faucet water, and the latter is designed for heavier bio-contaminants from streams, lakes and rivers. The normal purification mode takes 60 seconds and the crazy working mode takes 150 seconds.

Apart from that, the CrazyCap bottle is equipped with an auto-clean function that launches 6 times daily for 20 seconds. This further improves the drinking quality and helps to offer a better taste. The best thing about CrazyCap is that customers can only buy the UVL cap instead of the whole bottle, which saves quite a lot of money. And the UVC light cap, featuring high adaptability, matches bottles of nearly all bottle brands.

  • The Larq UVL bottle

The Larq UVL bottle also boasts an auto-clean function: the top of the bottle will pulse (working signal) every two hours to clean the inside of the Larq bottle. Similarly, the Larq bottle manages to kill and eliminate 99% of germs and pathogens in water, and holds a long time of use. According to Larq, a bottle of 17 oz should be given a charge after 4 times of normal cleaning cycles, which helps the charge to last for up to 40 days.

  • The Mahaton self-cleaning water bottle

Compared to CrazyCap and Larq UVL bottles, a Mahaton self-cleaning stainless steel water bottle does not have a “crazy” cleaning mode (CrazyCap) or an adventure mode (Larq). In other words, UVL bottles of this brand are not applicable for handling bodies of water that contain many bio-contaminants. And the small capacity (12 oz) of a Mahaton self-cleaning water bottle may become a downfall, as customers are supposed to refill the bottle frequently in order to stay hydrated. However, the Mahaton UVL bottle is still worthy of buying, overshadowing many counterparts in the self-cleaning water bottle market.

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