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Water Decal Technology of Thermos Stainless Steel Bottles

The principle of Thermos Stainless Steel Bottle water decal technology is actually very simple. It is a water-transfer paper–a sticker that can be used after water soaking, and the pattern is transferred to the surface of the substrate with water as a medium. The water sticker technology is a brand new transfer technology that uses water as a carrier to separate the pattern from the bottom paper and transfer it to the substrate to realize the principle of indirect printing.

The advantages of water sticker technology are many, here are a few items: such as exquisite craftsmanship, low cost, and very environmentally friendly.


  1. The model water sticker should first be cut from the whole piece of paper and soaked in warm water for about 1 minute.
  2. Then gently try to rub with your fingers. It is confirmed that the glue between the surface of the plastic film and the adhesive paper has melted, and after the plastic film can be separated, it is taken out from the water.
  3. Place it on the model near the position where the pattern needs to be pasted. Gently slide the printed plastic film from the bottom paper to the surface of the model with your fingers. The bottom paper can be thrown away.
  4. After adjusting the position of the pattern accurately, use a sanitary swab to suck away the residual moisture between the sticker and the model, and at the same time squeeze out residual air bubbles. Place it again and dry it, and the plastic water sticker with various logos can be firmly attached to the surface of the model.

Use Softener

It functions like a mild dissolver that gently “dissolves” the water sticker. This way the water sticker can be completely tightly blended with the bottle surface it is attached to. It fits into the gap, covering the protruding part, and wrapping the curve.

Once the softener is applied, be careful not to touch or move the water sticker, otherwise the water sticker may be destroyed. When the water sticker appears to be wrinkled, this means that the sticker softener works, but after it dries it shrinks and flattens. If you see a bubble after drying, pierce it and reuse the softener. Although it doesn’t work as well as the first time, it will be more or less helpful if it can’t be solved.

One thing to keep in mind is that different brands of softeners have different characteristics, and water stickers are also, so a special “soft” softener may ruin the shredded water sticker.

So before you understand the water stickers and sticker softeners of a certain brand, it is best to try it on the unused water stickers. When the water sticker is dry, cover it with the clear paint of your choice to make it flatter. If you are lucky, the water sticker will naturally blend with the paint and will not be affected when you start dry cleaning.


The so-called water sticker is actually a brand new transfer technology. The general traditional printing or transfer or pad printing is helpless for the complex surface of the water cups, and the special function of water decal technology can not only handle this problem easily, but also can be applied to different materials, but also because the pattern and color are lively and lively. And greatly increased the added value of the product. Its characteristics are:

  1. It can be easily applied to the surface of any curved or curved stainless steel bottle surface, regardless of the printing. It can completely replace the printing.
  2. Screen printing of water stickers: The product has bright color and thick ink layer. The main body of the pattern picture is strong, which is beyond the reach of other printing methods.
  3. Water sticker offset printing: mainly used for dot and gradient patterns.

water decal process video

Process flow

  1. First remove the release paper and cut the desired pattern.
  2. Soak in room temperature water until the pattern can slide on the surface of the water paper (about 5-10 seconds).
  3. Take it out and drag it to the desired position of the water bottle, and evenly wipe off the bubbles and moisture with a soft cloth or paper towel.
  4. It can be fully air-dried (about 4 hours), or it can be baked in the oven for about 30 minutes, and the temperature is about 75 degrees, that is, the transfer is completed.
  5. If a layer of varnish is sprayed on the surface, any effect will be greatly improved. It can also be sprayed, but the adhesion is poor.

Application Industry

  • Auto Accessories: the appearance of various types of car models, instrument panels, control panels, tissue boxes, tea cup holders, tape holders, rear view frames, steering handles, locks, etc.;
  • Electronic products: telephones, pagers, video recorders, televisions, air conditioners, speakers, remote controls, mice, USB flash drives, etc.;
  • Room supplies: sofas, coffee tables, kitchen cabinets, chandeliers, ashtrays, vases, drinkware, etc.;
  • Daily use products: glasses, glasses case, pen, pen holder, desk calendar, art photo frame, racket, cosmetic case, etc.; (5) Indoor building materials: doors and windows, floors, wall panels, etc.

KingStar water decal technology leads the thermos stainless steel water bottle manufacturing industry, giving the stainless steel water bottle a more choice of surface decorating. If you have any questions about water decal, please feel free to contact us.