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Water Bottle Insulators: Great Supplementary of Insulated Flasks

July 5th, 2022|Hydrated Life|

What is a Water Bottle Insulator?

Water bottle insulators are like a cover that allows you to put them on the outside of your insulated flasks to offer extra protection and are able to keep your drink at a specific temperature for a relatively longer time. No matter what kind of bottles you want to keep in these water bottle insulators, the effect will satisfy you. Water bottle insulators are equally useful for cold and hot drinks, and can make your drink which is stored into a regular bottle keep hot and cold for the next few hours.

 Can I Buy an Insulator Rather to Replace a Thermos Flask?

To answer this question, you need to know how many hours do you want to keep your drink cold or warm. A thermos flask is usually more costly compared with an insulator, but it can keep your drink cold for a longer period of time.

For those who just want to keep the water cool for 1~2 hours and have a limited budget on a new and expensive thermos flask, the water bottle insulator can be a good choice.

However, for people who want to keep the water cold or warm all day, we suggest they should not hesitate to buy a custom stainless steel insulated water bottle. Besides, it is always a good way to buy an insulator to protect your water bottle from dent and scratches.

Are These Insulators Useful Around Wholesale Thermos Bottles?

The answer is yes. It is quite easy to use an insulator around your thermos bottle and it will surprise you. For one thing, the insulator will keep your drink cold or warm for a longer time and the other useful thing about wrapping your thermos bottle into one insulator is that it will help prevent the surface of your flask from being damaged if you accidently drop it onto the floor.

Nowadays water bottle insulators are becoming more and more popular its convenience, durability and recyclable feature.

Under What Conditions Can I Put Them into Use?

A water bottle insulator can be used for many situations, including working as the protector for your bottle, preventing you or little kids from getting hurt by the hot water if you are using normal water bottles instead of insulated water bottles, keeping your drink warm or cold longer and helping decorate your water bottle in the way you like. Nowadays there are many insulators with different colors and distinctive patterns on the market, you may explore more useful functions of a water bottle insulator if you purchase one.

KingStar’s Recommendation of 3 Great Brands

BottleKeeper: it is a firm that produces not only insulators but also many different kinds of insulated water bottles and one of its best-selling water bottle insulator is The Original Stainless Steel Bottle Holder and Insulator to Keep Your Beer Colder. This insulator will make your beverage such like beer colder longer even on the hottest day of the year by keeping the beer at a low temperature with thermal insulation materials while preventing leakage. You do not need to worry about dropping the bottle onto the floor to cause some damage, because the cushion material will make the water bottle safe.

In addition, the company will offer customers 100% satisfaction and lifetime guarantee.

Beautyflier: the brand is known for its wonderful and useful water bottle insulators. Its anti-slip neoprene bottle insulators can cover is about 7 inches high, and its opening inner diameter and bottom diameter are about 2.5 inches and 2.5 inches, respectively. Its thick neoprene keeps your drinks warm and cool, and your hands dry. It holds most of 20-22 oz bottles, making it a perfect choice for energy drinks. It is a portable tool because you can put it to a pocket, bag or purse easily.

KUULii: KULii sells many different sizes of bottle insulators and some are very children-friendly, so you can buy a 12oz one like Bottle & Can Thermos 12 oz/360 ml for your kids from this company. With the insulator, it may spare your worries about your kids getting hurt by their regular water bottles if the water is too hot. Besides, it is also suitable for cans so when you are enjoying camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, picnics, barbecues, or beach parties, this insulator will keep your beer cold and only offer more pleasure and convenience for you.

Can I Weave One Myself?

There is no doubt that you can weave an insulator yourself if you are very good at knitting and that will also enable you to make one according to your own taste. But you have to understand that most of those water bottle insulators on the market are professionally made with the considerations of temperatures, sizes, durability, construction and accessories such as the sleeves. Therefore, you may not be able to make one that is as professional as those sold on the market.