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Titanium Crystal Water Bottle, The health of Hydration

Recently, the titanium crystal series vacuum flask developed and produced by KingStar Industires Co., Ltd was officially launched in April. This titanium crystal water bottle is a breakthrough attempt by KingStar, which also makes the concept of “healthy drinking water” produce a qualitative leap in the field of sports water bottle.

As the water quality deteriorates, aseptic drinking water has become a constant pursuit of consumers. KingStar broke through the difficulty of raw material supply, and used the material “Titanium” with civilian restrictions to develop products, realizing technological innovation and creating a new titanium crystal series insulation cup. Titanium is light in weight, high in hardness and corrosion-resistant. The surface of the titanium crystal cup has been specially treated to form an oxidized film with strong human affinity. In use, there will be no rust of metal products, the taste of the beverage is pure and the taste is refreshing; The aroma of the tea in the titanium crystal cup is more intense.

Most importantly, the surface of the oxide film produces an antibacterial effect under natural light, giving a layer of safer and healthier protection than a normal sports cup.

This time, KingStar further enhances the professionalism of sports cups from raw materials and is committed to providing people with “healthy and sterile” drinking water. It is reported that the material used by KingStar is called “space metal” because of its low density and corrosion resistance.

In recent years, titanium has gradually emerged in the consumer goods field. After learning about the excellent properties of titanium materials, KinsStar R&D team spent six years researching and developing titanium materials and titanium cups. During the period, I had a study and exchange with German technical research experts, and learned the high-tech and high-professional titanium cup making process in Germany. We also devoted ourselves to researching every detail and using it to create a titanium crystal cup belonging to KingStar.

KingStar Titanium Crystal Series Insulation Cup also uses the original process technology – Crystal Diamond Technology: After the special treatment of titanium material, all the dirt stained on the surface is cleaned and presents a snowflake pattern, leaving only A layer of titanium dioxide, which acts as a photocatalyst, can effectively kill a variety of bacteria, and can decompose and harm the toxins released by bacteria or fungi.

Titanium materials are widely used in aerospace, marine development, human biomaterials and other fields. Titanium has a low density and weighs nearly one-half of the same volume of stainless steel. Not only that, titanium materials have good bio-affinity, are often used as substitutes for cardiac pacemakers and human bones, and are a healthy material. When applied to the field of vacuum flasks, the weight of the cups is lighter. easy to carry. The application of titanium material further proves that KingStar does not forget the initial heart of “healthy drinking water”.

KingStar always implements a green, environmentally friendly and practical life-oriented, providing consumers with healthy, portable and intelligent drinking cups. “One cup” love to run a water bottle business.

KingStar is a high-tech enterprise and a famous trademark in China. It was the first cup-cup enterprise to enter the military-civilian integration; Internationally renowned brands such as Hydro Flask, S’Well, Starbucks and Supor have established strategic partnerships to provide high-end customized services.

To make healthy drinking water, we must first solve the problem of material upgrading. As early as the beginning of 2012, KingStar had a strong interest in titanium materials and tried to replace other existing materials with titanium materials. Founded in 2002, KingStar has always adhered to the level of veteran artisans in the quality of cup pots. Through the birth of the titanium crystal cup, KingStar also hopes to open up a cup-pot development path of “new health” and “true technology” in the cup pot industry, and build the “KingStar” series products into the largest outdoor sports in China.

Titanium crystal cup is a breakthrough of KingStar for “healthy drinking water”. KingStar, Titanium Crystal Water Bottle Manufacturer, always believes that health is an urgent need for the development of the times, and more and more people are beginning to realize the importance of water quality for maintaining good health. KingStar will strive to walk in the forefront of the sports cup pot industry through its own practice and become the benchmark in the industry.

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