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The Main Mechanical Equipment for the Production of Vacuum Flasks

In the production process of the thermos water bottle, dozens of complex and high-precision mechanical equipment are used to ensure the insulation performance and durability. The following only lists the most important three for those who are interested in the production of vacuum flasks.

Hydraulic Press Machine

Hydraulic press machine uses liquid as working medium and is made according to Pascal’s principle to transfer energy to realize various processes. The hydraulic press machine is generally composed of the machine (host), power system and hydraulic control system. Hydraulic presses machine are classified into valve hydraulic presses, liquid hydraulic presses, and engineering hydraulic presses.

Hydraulic press machine uses liquid as a working medium to transfer energy to achieve various processes. In addition to being used for forging and forming, hydraulic presses machine can also be used for straightening, pressure-mounted, briquetting and platen, etc. Hydraulic press machine includes water press machine and oil press machine. Water-based liquids as medium are called water hydraulic presses machine. Oil as the working medium is called oil hydraulic press machine. The specifications of hydraulic presses machine are generally expressed by nominal working force (KN) or nominal tonnage (tons). Most hydraulic presses machine used for forging are water hydraulic presses machine with high tonnage. In order to reduce the size of the equipment, large forging hydraulic presses machine usually use higher pressures (about 35 MPa), and sometimes use ultra-high pressures above 100 MPa. Hydraulic presses machine for other purposes generally use a working pressure of 6-25 MPa. Oil hydraulic press machine has lower tonnage than water hydraulic press machine.

Argon Arc Welding Machine

Argon arc welding means tungsten inert gas arc welding that refers to a welding method in which industrial tungsten or active tungsten is used as an non-melting electrode and an inert gas (argon) is used as protection. Abbreviated as TIG. According to the different electrodes, the argon arc welding machine is divided into two types: melting electrode argon arc welding machine and non-melting electrode argon arc welding machine. The arc starting of argon arc welding adopts the method of high voltage breaking down. First, apply high frequency and high voltage between the electrode needle (tungsten needle) and the product to break down the argon gas and make it conductive. Then, supply a continuous current to ensure the arc is stable. The working principle of argon arc welding machine is the same as that of manual arc welding machine, in terms of main circuit, auxiliary power supply, drive circuit, protection circuit, etc.

Non-melting electrode argon arc welding is the arc burning between the non-melting electrode (usually a tungsten electrode) and the product. An inert gas (usually argon) that does not chemically react with the metal flows around the welding arc to form a protective gas shield. So that the tungsten tip, the arc, the molten pool, and the metal that is already at a high temperature are not in contact with the air. This can prevent oxidation and absorption of harmful gases, thereby forming a dense welded joint with very good mechanical properties.

In the process of melting electrode argon arc welding, the welding wire is pushed through the wire wheel, the contact tip is conductive, and an arc is generated between the base material and the welding wire. So that the welding wire and the base material are melted. The inert gas argon shielded arc and molten metal are used for welding. The difference between melting electrode argon arc welding and argon tungsten arc welding: one is that the welding wire is used as an electrode. It is continuously melted and filled into the molten pool to form a weld after condensation. The another one is to use of shielding gas. With the application of melting electrode argon arc welding technology, the shielding gas has been developed from a single argon gas to a wide range of mixed gas applications, such as AR 80% + CO2 20% argon-rich shielding gas. Usually the former is called MIG and the latter is called MAG. From the perspective of its operation way, the most widely used at present is semi-automatic melting argon arc welding and argon-rich mixed gas shielded welding, followed by automatic melting argon arc welding.

Vacuum Machine with Tail

The vacuum machine with tail firstly performs low-vacuum extraction in advance on the insulation layer of the thermos water bottle, and at the same time screens the leaking cup. Then it is pumped by a diffusion pump to reach a high vacuum. Use a movable oven to bake the cup at high temperature, which is suitable for the various specifications production of stainless steel vacuum water bottle.

The vacuum machine with tail consists of two parts: helium mass spectrometer leak detector and high vacuum leak detection exhaust platform. The leak detector is used to judge whether there is leakage. The leak picking platform performs high vacuum pumping of the product in advance. The leak detection platform has two independent testing station on the left and right, and each station has 1-3 testing interfaces. While one group of stations is vacuuming, the other group of stations is testing or loading products, which shortens the testing cycle and improves work efficiency. This equipment can simultaneously heat and degas 50 piece s stainless steel vacuum water bottle. Adopting international methods to ensure extremely high degassing speed, improve ultimate vacuum degree and heating efficiency. Each branch system is uniformly controlled by the programmable controller PLC to realize high vacuum protection and prevent the pump oil from oxidizing or returning oil.

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