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The Etiquette of Giving Business Gifts

October 22nd, 2022|Business / Corporate Gifting|

Business gift-giving can be a tricky question. You want to make sure the recipient feels special and appreciated, but you don’t want it to be awkward or inappropriate. However, there are some corporate gifts that allow you to express your gratitude without causing any unwelcome consequences.

In this article, we will help you deal with this difficulty by providing some gift-giving etiquette tips for firms and offering some suggestions that your customers or employees will like!

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What Makes Good Business Gifting Etiquette?

Good gift-giving etiquette varies according to your business and your potential recipients. Generally speaking, the key is to be as professional as you can when it comes to giving business gifts.

Before giving away your gifts, make sure you communicate with potential recipients such as your business partners, employees and customers. Here are some tips that will help you show your appreciation and avoid misunderstandings.

Consider Consumable Gifts

When we talk about great gift ideas, we are prone to thinking about something that will last long and something that can repeatedly remind the person who receives it of us whenever he or she sees it.

However, it might difficult to find the perfect gift for the person, especially when you do not know him or her very well. One way that helps you avoid the embarrassment is to choose a gift which can be used in their daily life such as a stainless steel water bottle. We all need to use water bottles to get hydrated daily. Besides, it is practical as well as sturdy which can last for a long time easily.

You can also customize the water bottle by adding something the recipient likes or something that reflects their personality.

Consider Personalization

If you are sending a business gift to your customer to appreciate his support for your company, you may want to be creative and fully display your gratitude. Personalized thoughtful gifts are always a good idea. For example, you can put a handwritten note enclosed to the gift because many people like to receive gifts with handwritten notes.

Keep It Classy

A company gift should be classic and professional. Everything needs to be perfect because it indirectly represents your company value. Make sure everything is right from the choice of gifts to the packaging. Business gifts should be formal and follow certain etiquette.

Even the smallest details need the greatest attention. It is recommended to wrap your gift with a box or a gift bag. Handmade wrapping paper with eye-catching colors or well-designed patterns helps make it look professional and thoughtful.

Make Sure it Reflects the Company Values

Gifts should represent the values of the enterprise. For example, if the firm believes in environmentally sustainable production, it will helps show the company’s core value if it is wrapped with the kind of paper or box made of recycled materials. A thoughtful gift that reflects the value of the company is always a clever choice when it comes to business gifts.

Pay More Attention to Corporate Image

Another aspect about the etiquette of giving business is to pay more attention to your corporate image. If it is the gift you want to send to employees or a business partner, you may want the recipient to relate the gift to your business or your feature product. a good idea to help you realize that is to add a small company logo on one corner of the gift.

However, anything you put on the gift such as a logo or brand name should be small, because it is more like a personal appreciation gift rather than a promotional gift. In addition, the whole process should be done carefully, from drawing out the names of the people who will receive the gifts to finally giving away the gifts. It would be disrespectful if you misspell the recipient’s name and fail to fix the mistake before you send it.

Understand International Customs

If you are giving gifts to an international customer, make sure you know the business gift-giving etiquette of the culture to avoid any mistakes. Giving gifts that are regarded inappropriate in another country may offend the recipient. It’s always worth being cautious.

For instance, it is considered rude to give alcohol as a gift to people who are from Arabic countries. In Japan, it is a taboo to send someone a comb as a gift because it has the same pronunciation as “death” and it is not recommended to use chrysanthemums as a gift since it is a symbol of the royal family. Before you choose a gift for someone, make sure you learn the proper gift-giving etiquette.

Timing Matters

You do not want people misunderstand your intention when you are giving a gift, so it is better not to give people a gift on holidays. It may give people the impression that you have some favors to ask or you want something in return if you give gifts at specific times. For example, if the negotiation between two parties is still underway, a business gift should not be given in order to respect the fairness. Similarly, giving a gift to a former customer may be deemed as a bribe. Usually, gifts are exchanged on special occasions like when a specific business goal has been achieved, such as a big deal has been signed.


Giving and receiving gifts is a wonderful experience, because it embodies the values and trust the recipient and giver share. In order to give unforgettable and meaningful business gifts, paying attention to business gifts etiquette and asking professionals for some advice can be necessary since they can provide valuable tips and suggestions helping avoid common pitfalls. Business gifts not only show our appreciation, but also manifest the wish of a long-term cooperation. We hope these suggestions can help boost the potential of your business relations as well as deepening the relationship between your company and your employees.

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