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Reliable Insulated Stainless Steel Mug Cup Thermos OEM Manufacturer: 12 Features

OEM is short for original equipment manufacturers, which refers to the manufacturer that produces goods and accessories as specified and eventually rebranded by another firm for sale. This operating method is particularly common in the stainless steel cup manufacturing industry. Many world-class water bottle tumbler, mug, cup and lunch box brands are all produced by OEM water bottle manufacturers in China. Based on its years of production and global export experience of insulated stainless steel mug, cup and thermos drinkware, KingStar has summarized twelve features of a reliable OEM water bottle manufacturer, which has shed new light on helping brands source excellent manufacturers.

1. High Quality

As a reliable stainless steel drink bottle cup OEM manufacturer, it must acquire the manufacturing license and related certificates through lawful means. All documents of the corporate should be validated by the special authority within the period of validity and the certificates, which include manufacturing license and quality management system certification, should be verified.

2. Willingness to Sign the NDA and Protect Customers’ Confidential Information

OEM cup manufacturers have an obligation to keep the business secrets for their customers which include but are not limited to product drawings, logo information, color number, the destination of the shipment, customer contacts and so on.

After signing NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement), factories understand that, they must have improved confidentiality rules and regulations and perfected retroactive and tracking mechanism. OEM vacuum container manufacturers must let every one of its outgoing employees sign the non-disclosure agreement to ensure that both their current employees and former employees keep their customers’ business secrets.

3. Fully-equipped Facility

A trustworthy OEM manufacturer should be equipped with the basic infrastructure that meets the requirement of vacuum flask production. With better facility, the maintenance service will be stronger and therefore it will provide a safer and better production condition. The facility should include the following features:

3.1 The modern production line: The location, design and structure of the factory should be taken into consideration to protect the products and reduce the risk of mingling products, raw materials and packaging materials. Besides, the location should also avoid road, farmland, landfill and other places in which the pollution is serious. The factory should store, product and manage its quality control in appointed place and leave enough space for the goods delivered, storage and production.

3.2 To be equipped with advanced and automated equipment: A reliable OEM cup manufacturer should boast advanced automated production-line. The automated production-line is the guarantee of drink bottle mug with high quality and low cost. The instruments, measuring devices and other tools used in the production must be calibrated and the corresponding calibration labels and documents must be provided to ensure the validity of the calibration, and the calibration should be conducted once a year.

3.3 The factory, equipment and instruments must be cleaned and sterilized regularly: The manufacturer must make a plan to clean and sterilize everything thing inside the factory and keep the record periodically. In addition, the pest control should be conducted and implemented to eliminate the existence of animals and pests inside the factory. A high-efficient and low-toxic chemical approach should be employed to contain the pests outside the factory, while a physical approach should be applied inside the factory such as the use of mousetraps and the mosquito-killing lamp.

4. The Sophisticated Research and Development Ability and a Strong Team of Engineers

 The sophisticated research and development ability and a strong team of engineers play a significant role in the production of the OEM metal cup manufacturer. Many cup-purchasing customers do not have a team of engineers, so they have limited knowledge about the design, production and craftsmanship of vacuum cups. Usually, the drawings offered by customers who buy custom shape/ custom tool cups can not be produced, because their designs surpass the process limit. Some custom mold drink bottle buyers only have an initial product idea instead of a 3D drawing which can be further discussed. Under such circumstances, the research and development team of the OEM water bottle manufacturer are becoming even more important.

KingStar has a strong team of engineers, which enables it to offer one-stop manufacturing service from product design, prototyping to mass production. Our customers can leave it up to us as long as they tell us their product ideas.

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5. Excellent Management System

 A trusted OEM cup manufacturer should have improved governance, which would deliver high efficiency and make it respond rapidly and allow it to be more sensitive to the fast-changing and more complicated market environment. And a qualified OEM company should meet the following governance requirements:

5.1 Employment management: the employees must be equipped with fairly good knowledge and the training on the cup production skills. The factory should train all of its employees and conduct work reviews to make sure they are qualified for the work.

5.2 Production management

Measures should be taken from the input of the raw materials of the stainless steel and the packing materials to the output of the goods and every stage of the manufacturing and packaging to make sure the products meet their requirements. All the manufacturing process should be proceeded by the demands of the production documents and the process validation and control should be included in the production record.

5.3 Other measures should be taken regarding the deviation and disqualification during the production process: the authorized officers are responsible for the analysis and the research of the rejected products during the production process, which includes the causal inspection of raw materials and packaging materials before they enter the warehouse; the control of the rejected materials, half-finished products and finished products should be checked and validated by authorized officers. The disqualified products should be put at the appointed area and be labelled clearly in order to help people to differentiate them from other materials.

6. Monitor Every Procedure of the Vacuum Cup Production

 A reliable OEM manufacturer should have the basic testing capacity to make sure that it’s capable of monitoring the whole production process of metal drinkware houseware products on time. The operators in the laboratory should be ready for work only after being trained properly and getting the required certificates. The instruments and devices in the laboratory should be kept clean and organized and the reagents should have clear and intact labels. The retention samples of finished products should be stored with proper humidity and temperature and put at the appointed area.

7. Knowing the Industry Standard Well

A trustworthy OEM cup lunch box food container manufacturer should know the industry standard very well, especially the knowledge of the raw materials, the finished product specification and all sorts of testing standards about the vacuum cup products, and it also needs to ensure that the standards and regulations are the latest and valid version.

8. Keep the Samples Provided by Customers and the Cosign Materials Appropriately

It often involves clients’ assets such as their packing materials, particularly the information related to the clients own intellectual property, when a reliable OEM cup manufacturer starts its production. And a good OEM manufacturer should guarantee clear financial accounts, take stock on time and protect its clients’ assets.

If necessary, it also should keep the customers’ information confidential and protect their intellectual property.

9. The production and Order History Should be Retroactive and Traceable

 A trusted OEM factory should keep the corresponding batch process record and a current account. Generally speaking, the OEM/ODM cup factories are not offering the service to just one customer, which requires the manufacturer to keep the record clear and intact, and the detailed information can help them to trace everything they produce. Any product or material with basic information could be traced within two hours by the track & trace system.

10. Smooth Internal Communications of the Team

 The customer and the OEM cup manufacturer would communicate a lot daily, and whether the OEM factory has an efficient and smooth internal communication mechanism exerts a significant influence on how quick the customer responds to the market risks and opportunities. A highly efficient OEM manufacturer is bound to improve the customer efficiency.

11. The Production Process Must be Environmentally Friendly

 As the global industrial chain is becoming more conscious about the environment, there’s a higher risk of being shut down if the OEM metal cup factory fail to meet the requirements of the environmental regulators. The choice of a manufacturer should not put economic benefit over social benefit. In addition to meeting the requirements of environment, the OEM factory should also pay attention to how to deal with the waste it produces.

12. Take the Complaints Seriously and Continuously Improve its Production

 The OEM drink bottle manufacturer should have documents which define and clarify what a “complaint” is, and all the complaints received by the factory should be put into the complaint handling procedure, estimated, further studied and be duly updated. A recall team should be organized as soon as possible once there is a recall of products that cause harm to customers, and the authorized officers should be noticed and allowed to let everyone else know it. The factory should also promise that all the trouble products will be recalled in the time allotted.

We believe that you will be encouraged to start your production after reading the twelve features of a reliable OEM manufacturer and finding that you meet every one of the features. And you can rest assured if you are the brand who is looking for an OEM manufacturer, because you will find one soon after taking all the features into consideration.

If you have trouble in sourcing bulk water bottles, wholesale insulated cups, or you want to find a reliable OEM vacuum container manufacturer for your custom design stainless steel drinkware vessel, please do not hesitate to contact us and send email to sales@waterbottle.tech.