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Need to Know Before Buying a Titanium Cup

April 21st, 2022|Hydrated Life|

Titanium cups for drinking coffee, good taste” As titanium cups become more and more popular, titanium cups have attracted more and more people’s attention. This “lightweight and fresh-keeping” cup has been included in the shopping list by more and more people, so how to choose a titanium cup that suits you? What should you pay attention to when buying a titanium cup?

Titanium is widely used in the aerospace field because of its high melting point and corrosion resistance, and because of its high stability and affinity with the human body, it is used in the medical field as artificial bones and in vivo scaffolds. The cups made of titanium not only will not react with high temperature, acid and alkali substances, but also have a unique fresh-keeping effect, which cannot be achieved by other materials, which is why people who pursue the best taste of drinks love to use them. Reasons for Titanium Cups.

In order to achieve a better fresh-keeping effect for titanium cups, the purity of the material is naturally very important. Although there are more and more titanium cup products on the market, it is still necessary to carefully screen when purchasing, and try to choose pure titanium cups when choosing titanium cups. Cup made of titanium. Although some water cups made of titanium alloys also contain titanium, the overall sense of use and preservation effect must be greatly reduced.

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After seeing the titanium-containing purity of the titanium cup, it is natural to consider the overall function of the titanium cup. In the early days, the titanium cups were mostly used for outdoor drinking cups and wide-mouth cups, and the choice of shape and function was slightly single. Titanium cups that meet various functions have also been gradually developed. You can choose a pure titanium thermos cup for keeping warm and cold, a small pure titanium cup for coffee, and even office cups and outdoor sports water bottles. Better use experience.

When choosing a brand to buy titanium cups, try to buy more well-known titanium cup brands, such as Japan’s SUSgalary, COOK’N’ESCAPE, Snow Peak are all good choices, and in the past two years, there are also KingStar technology in China. Titanium cups that stand out in the titanium cup category are available.

As a leader and pioneer in the domestic vacuum flask manufacturing industry and a pioneer in the titanium cup industry, KingStar launched its own series of bulk titanium cups in 2016 and has an exclusive patent. The appearance of KingStar titanium cup is as bright as a diamond. In addition, its unique antibacterial and fresh-keeping function and surface texture make the titanium cup “repair both inside and outside”, and the effective heat preservation time is 20% higher than the international standard. It has both appearance and strength.

The KingStar Titanium Cup is made of 99.6% pure titanium, with natural crystals distributed on the surface, each of which is natural color, natural color without paint, hand-polished, but only half the weight of ordinary water cups. KingStar titanium cup is treated with 1000 ℃ high temperature technology to burn off the impurities on the surface of the titanium cup, giving the titanium cup a protective layer of infinite regeneration. In normal temperature use, it can effectively slow down the taste of the drink, keep it fresh for a long time, and keep the original taste of the drink.