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KingStar Titanium Water Bottle Debut on the International Stage

Recently, the First College Award established by China’s industrial design field, the China Zhizao Award, has selected TOP100 works, and the titanium crystal water bottle created by KingStar Inddustries Co., Ltd is among them.

Based on the background of intelligent and intelligent creation, the China Zhiju Awards is based on the core values ​​of “Oriental Intelligence, National Intelligence, Life Wisdom, and Innovation Think Tank”. It advocates design return to the “intelligence” source, gathers the world’s creative resources, and is committed to exploring the domestic The new industrial design allows art and technology to integrate into life, and builds itself into a physical innovation accelerator that turns to wealth and the future.

KingStar Industries Co., Ltd is an established professional manufacturer established in 1998. It is a collection of R&D, production and sales of aluminum and stainless steel sports water. It was once the 2008 sports bottle Olympic license manufacturer and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo licensed manufacturer; it was the first drinkware container enterprise to enter the military and civilian integration; Internationally renowned brands such as Hydro Flask, Starbucks and Supor have established strategic partnerships to provide high-end customized services.

In April 2016, KingStar spent six years innovating the research and development of the titanium crystal water bottle officially listed.

Large health industry chain layout accelerates titanium water bottle landing

Unlike competitors who are still on the market, the goal of the Titanium Cup brought by KingStar to focus on the big health industry is already very obvious. On the stage of the China Zhizhi Award, KingStar not only brought the titanium crystal water bottle, but also pointed out the infinite possibilities for the future development of the sports water bottle, and comprehensively pointed out the direction of the water bottle in the big health industry.

In the future development plan of KingStar, healthy drinking water is not limited to the innovation of materials, and intelligence will become a major development direction of healthy drinking water. The birth of the titanium crystal water bottle is a big step for KingStar to promote the development of the entire big health industry.

Titanium material perfectly blends consumer real-time needs

KingStar broke through the difficulty of raw material supply, and used the material “titanium” with civilian restrictions to develop products, realizing technological breakthroughs and creating a new titanium crystal series vacuum insulation water bottle. KingStar has developed five products for the titanium crystal water bottle series. The winner of this competition is the titanium crystal series vacuum flask.

Titanium is light in weight, high in hardness and corrosion-resistant. The surface of the titanium crystal water bottle has been specially treated to form an oxidized film with strong human affinity. In use, there will be no rust of metal products, the taste of the beverage is pure and the taste is refreshing; The aroma of the tea in the titanium crystal water bottle/travel mug is more intense.

Most of the water bottles on the market are made of stainless steel and exterior paint, while KingStar titanium crystal water cup is based on health, returning to the essence of titanium, using pure titanium casting, simple titanium crystal pattern with sterile drinking water, making This titanium crystal mug combines high value and hard strength.

The oxide film on the surface of the titanium crystal water cup/coffee cup produces an antibacterial effect under natural light, which provides a layer of safety and health protection compared to the ordinary sports water bottle. While achieving healthy and sterile, KingStar chose PP food grade plastic, and the LEATHER leather handle was tailored. The open part of the lid was magnetically attracted and easily covered. Double-layer vacuum insulation, sealed with rubber ring inside, no side leakage. The waistline curve perfectly fits the hand grip, comfortable and stable. Made of 99.9% pure titanium, the whole cup weighs only 0.305kg, making this mug lighter and more portable. Create a healthy water cup for consumers that is more in line with consumer demand.

KingStar continues to innovate to help healthy life

China Zhizao Awards continue to innovate, create a unique international first-class industrial design award from a comprehensive perspective, propose an industry-leading plan, build a new “1+X” system with more social influence and industrial vitality, and “focus on regional economy”. , the specific needs and innovation transformation in the development process of manufacturing enterprises. Through the recognition of the TOP100 of the Zhizhi Award, KingStar will also adhere to the concept of healthy drinking water. From the development of KingStar’s own products as the starting point, it will create countless possibilities for the development of the future drinkware industry.

Fei Jian, chairman of KingStar, has always regarded healthy drinking water as the goal of enterprise development, and as China’s environment deteriorates, we have reason to believe that health will be one of the most important aspects of future consumers. And KingStar will continue to innovate to create a healthy water bottle that is truly suitable for consumers.

With the development of technology, KingStar plans to continue to invest in the field of intelligence in the future to meet the needs of modern people for healthy living. Starting from the titanium crystal cup, it will help a healthy new life.

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