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How to Choose the Best Corporate Gift? 3 Taboos and 8 Principles

September 23rd, 2019|Business / Corporate Gifting|

The purchase of corporate gifts has become one of the important tasks of the procurement department of enterprises and institutions. However, the current gift market is complicated, so buyers who are responsible for gift purchase often complain that their work is hard and difficult. If they purchase an inappropriate gift, they will not only be criticized by the management, but will also be complained by the recipient. So how to purchase corporate gifts? As an experienced gift water bottle manufacturer and gift bottle wholesaler, KingStar has summarized the experience of purchasing corporate gifts and has summarized to be “3 taboos” and “8 principles”. We hope it will be helpful for gift buyers.

Taboo 1: Purchase products that require a lot of after-sales service.

Among the many gift products, some are products that require long-term after-sales service: such as electronic products. Gift purchasers are favored because of the common use of electronic products and their ease of innovation in form. However, due to lack of understanding of product features and after-sales service, it often leads to bad results.

Mr. Ponzillo is the purchasing manager of a large company. When choosing a gift at the company’s anniversary celebration, he saw a brand of music player just listed, and was attracted by its stylish appearance and diverse functions. He immediately decided to purchase 1,000 units as a gift for the celebration. After a week of gift distribution, troubles came. Since the use of the music player requires some operational skills, most people cause many problems because they do not know how to operate. Unfortunately, the quality of the product is not good. Mr. Ponzillo receives a large number of repair calls every day. However, since the manufacturer has not established an after-sales service station in the area, each music player must be expressly delivered to the manufacturer’s factory for repair. Not only is the postage costing a lot, but the repair time is also very long. The recipients are therefore complaining and complaining. Mr. Pozillo was also overwhelmed by the pressure of public opinion in the company. he couldn’t help but quit his job to escape from the problem. Therefore, when purchasing gifts, gift buyers should try not to choose products that are complicated in use and require after-sales service.

Taboo 2: Purchasing foods that have potential safety risks to health or products that are not environmentally friendly.

If the purchased food has quality problems or exceeds the shelf life, the recipient will be sick if he or she is eaten, and even life will be dangerous. At present, people are extremely concerned about health issues, and any kind of ending will cause the gift giving corporate to suffer serious consequences. Not only will not be able to achieve the effect of gift giving, but serious cases will also be prosecuted. Therefore, it is best not to choose such products. If you really want to choose food gifts, please pay attention to the quality inspection report, warranty period, whether it is produced by a regular manufacturer, whether there is a relevant quality certificate, and so on.

Taboo 3: Purchasing fake products.

Buyers who purchase gifts are often excellent enterprises and institutions that want to be icing on the cake. If the buyer purchases counterfeit products due to limit budget, the hidden danger is big. Counterfeit products often win at low prices in the market, in order to keep costs to a minimum, often at the expense of the quality of the fake products and follow-up services. Once the recipients use these fake products, there is a quality problem, there will be no after-sales service, which will affect the recipient’s evaluation of the purchaser. Counterfeit products will also be sued by the patented manufacturers for infringement of patent rights, and eventually the company will be involved in the purchase of the gift, resulting in loss of reputation.

The above three taboos are minefields for gift purching, and must not be violated.

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“8 principles” is the precautions for purchasing gifts. In this article, we will elaborate on the perspective of the buyer, the supplier and the product.

Principle 1: Pay attention to the theme of the event.

Gifts are the carrier of use value and spiritual value. To correctly impart the spiritual value of gifts, it is necessary to understand the theme of company activities. In order to purchase the most suitable gift, it is necessary to accurately understand and convey the theme and purpose of the event.

Principle 2:  Pay attention to the budget for purchasing gifts.

Every time a gift purchase plan, the company will have a specific budget. Therefore, the buyer must understand the budget in detail. Otherwise, even if you choose a satisfactory gift, if you don’t have enough budget, you can only give up. Of course, in some cases, in order to achieve the best results, the selected gift is beyond the budget, the buyer must ask the leader to increase the cost budget, and at the same time ask the supplier to lower the price, and strive to complete the gift purchase.

Principle 3:  Pay attention to the supplier’s gift planning ability.

When purchasing gifts, the selected supplier should be able to give a gift planning solution that meets the requirements of the event. Buyer reports the management plan after choosing a set of gifts. Without the need to introduce and persuade, the management can make decision on the plan.

Principle 4:  Pay attention to the service capabilities of suppliers.

It is necessary to evaluate the integrity of the supplier, whether it is a partner that can trust and build long term win-win relationship.

It is necessary to investigate the strength of the supplier, whether it can provide good pre-sales, sales and after-sales service;

It is necessary to check if the supplier can provide a brand quality products that meets the demand.

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Principle 5: Regarding he selection of points gifts, you should pay attention to branding, practicality and passion.

People who are keen on communication and bank card credits are mainly young white-collar workers. They are good-natured, young, stylish, energetic, enthusiastic about sports and outdoor activities, and like new and unique products. Gift recommendations for this group should be based on sports products or outdoor activities. The reason why the stainless steel thermal insulation sports bottle is purchased as a gift by many buyers is that the product design caters to the pursuit of sports, health and fashion by young white-collar workers.

Principle 6:  Conferences and business gifts should be small in size, excellent in quality, well-packaged, and commemorative.

The objects of business gifts are mainly the company’s important guests, middle and high-end customers or leadership. This group of people is characterized by high income, attention to personal image, pay attention to quality of life, and pay attention to emotional needs. In addition, these people have more business trips, so Buyer should choose high-end brand gifts, especially high-end personal care series with high added value, small size, portable belt, and high-quality vacuum flask series. Because these products have been well evaluated in terms of brand influence, product quality, and recipients’ reputation. At the same time, it can also express the care for the recipient’s personal work and life.

Principle 7:  Corporate welfare gifts should be based on household products that express the care of the employees.

The key points for the selection of welfare gifts should be that they are slightly larger, practical, innovative, and beautifully packaged, in order to express the leading family products that care for employees. The recipient of the welfare product is the employee of corporate, so pay attention to the characteristics of care and pragmatism in the choice of gifts. KingStar’s various vacuum flasks, which advocate “healthy life”, have practical and beautiful features. If the buyer chooses it as an employee benefit gift, the employee will not only feel the positive and pragmatic work style of the management, but also feel the emotional care of the corporate.

Principle 8:  Advertising and promotional items should pay be: common but not ordinary, low price but high quality.

Regarding the choice of advertising and promotional items, many people think that they should choose new and unique products. But this is not the case. Only commonly used products can get better advertising results. New and unique products have become ordinary products after a long time. The key point is to learn to do some customization and personalization in common products.

If you choose a gift that is affordable but of good quality, you will have a good chance. Because consumers receive a lot of promotional items, they will see which promotional items are of better quality, and naturally they will think of which products are better represented by the products / corporates behind them. Under the same conditions, corporates that insist on choosing high-quality gifts will be the ultimate winners.

Nowadays, more and more companies have realized the great role of gifts in social interaction, market development and product promotion. You are responsible for the procurement and your choice will have a huge impact. The choice is very important. As long as the purchasing strategy is correct, you can purchase suitable gifts that meet the requirements of the company and make a significant contribution to the development of the company!

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