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How to Choose Gifts for Corporate Activities or Events?

This article focuses on how to choose the contented gifts for employees and colleagues when it comes to corporate activities, event and festivals.

  • Three principles: Practicality; Universality; Exquisiteness
  • One additional option: Originality

When it comes to choosing gifts for colleagues or employees, the first principle that will come to your mind is practicality. No matter what age your colleagues are, they will definitely not like fancy and impractical gifts. As soon as your colleagues get such a gift, they may start to worry about it and don’t know how to deal with it. Therefore, the following selection principles to be mentioned must be based on practicality.

Unlike gifts for relatives, lovers and friends, in a corporate, the gifts are usually gave to all the colleagues whom we may not familiar with. Besides, they are large in number and we may find it difficult to select proper gifts for everyone unless these gifts share the same theme around a certain event. Therefore, at this time, we fail to cater for all tastes and should instead choose gifts that are universal. Gifts of universality are presents that should be applicable to both men and women, the young and the old. There should be no obvious preference in this gifts unless they are offered in some groups’ exclusive festivals such as Women’s Day. The most commonly seen presents of universality are flash drives and customized corporate notebooks. Nine out of ten male adults do not like gifts like pink Hello Kitty dolls, so delete such improper gifts from your list as soon as possible! Of course, universal presents are not ordinary ones! If you buy everyone in the corporate a solid-color towel or an ordinary notebook, they must speak ill of you in secret.

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Apart from the principle of universality, it is better for you to take into account both the exquisiteness and ingenuity of your team gifts. In other words, you can pick up ordinary gifts and recreate them into unique ones. The above mentioned customized corporate notebooks is a good case in point. In this way, these reworked presents are gave special meanings and marks, enabling your colleagues or employees to say excitedly when they receive them, “Wow! This one catches my eyes!” Their admiration for gifts makes our work worthy.

Since the gifts should be practical, let’s see what kind of products are suitable for giving.

  1. Gifts for Many festivals and Holidays 

This gift is one of the first types that come to mind for most people and nearly every corporate will give gifts for festivals to employees. Although they are common and practical, we can still unleash our creativity on them.

  1. Gifts for Daily Life

Daily necessities are indispensable in our lives, such as power banks, stainless steel cups, kitchenware and so on. These gifts have high practicality and strong universality, but if you do not pick up them thoughtfully, your colleagues or employees will not be impressed. Therefore, when it comes to the choice of gifts for daily life, you have to pay attention to the exquisiteness and ingenuity of products. Remember, a nice one can make a difference!

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a). Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Gift Water Bottles

When it comes to stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles, we can cast our eyes over China. In China, stainless steel water bottles have been widely used by Chinese people. From square dancers of the old in the park to office men and ladies in the office, they are all in the habit of drinking water with thermos bottles, which seem to be indispensable. The prevalence of stainless steel bottles in China is not only related to their habits of drinking hot waters/teas, but also reflects the pursuit of healthy life of contemporary Chinese people.

In recent years, stainless steel water bottles have also been welcomed in European and American markets. Lovers of Chinese tea culture in the West start to drink teas in their offices with vacuum insulated bottles. In addition, the excellent cold retaining performance of stainless steel bottles is appealing to people, too. You can put your iced drinks in your bottles in the morning, and enjoy the cold taste in the evening! Practical and universal, stainless steel insulated water bottles have various shapes and styles. But it still needs some tricks to make ordinary bottles unique and exquisite. Customized corporate gift water bottles can be a simple yet attractive gift. By printing logos or words, you can make your bottles different from that of in the market, generating in your colleagues or employees a feeling of ingenuity and affiliation.

b). Charging Cables

It seems like a no brainer. A charging cable is plain and will remain plain! And such a gift is too normal to impress everyone, right? Then you are totally wrong! The market can turn these charging cables into different shapes and make them unique, having all designs that you can imagine. However, the biggest problem is that charging cables of Apple can not be applied to Android devices, and vice versa. In other words, we have to carry two different cables or even two chargers everywhere we go. What an annoying issue! So, if we give our colleagues and employees a simple cable with two plugs that can be applicable to Android and Apple devices respectively, they will certainly be impressed and accept them contentedly.

c). Smartbands

Smartbands is a good option when choosing electrical products. They can offer you real-time service, record your step counts, and monitor your sleep issues. They are cheap yet have the ability to impress your colleagues or employees. So just buy them carefreely!

d). Other Electrical Products

Electrical products cover a considerably wide range and are of untold numbers. Nowadays, smart home is gaining popularity and can be a perfect option. Remember, pick one that is both practical and nice or the gift may not be used frequently!

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