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Do Not Hold Hot Water in Plastic Water Bottles

September 10th, 2019|Hydrated Life|

The use of plastic water bottles has been controversial in the past. Because of the bisphenol A(BPA), many people define plastic water bottles as cold water bottles, that is, bottles that cannot be filled with hot water. Of course, many people have turned a blind eye to plastic water bottles. And even been afraid of plastic water bottles!

First of all, the plastic bottle is made of polymer. When it encounters hot water, it dissolves and decomposes toxins. These harmful substances are harmful to the human body and may cause cancer when used for a long time. Because the plastic bottle contains chemical polyethylene, it will be released when it is in contact with hot water for a long time. If people drink it, there will be health risks. Secondly, the plastic water cup itself is easy to hide dirt. Most people drink water and simply rush, and there is no deep cleaning cup. In the long run, it will cause a lot of dirty things to stay on the cup, which will cause bacteria to breed. There are also some unscrupulous manufacturers who cut corners on plastic water bottles, use inferior materials, use too much bleach, and the hot water they encounter will accelerate decomposition.

PC plastic water bottles contain bisphenol A, which is no longer a secret. Bisphenol A is a low-toxic chemical that will be released at high temperatures, seriously affecting human health, especially for infants and young children. Phenol A can cause endocrine disorders in infants and young children, impairing the kidney function of infants and young children, and can also lead to precocious puberty in infants and young children! Bisphenol A is harmful to the human body, especially to infants and young children! And bisphenol A is released at high temperatures, so when we are using PC plastic water bottles, avoid using it to install hot water and hot water!

PC plastic water bottles cannot be filled with hot water, then pp material? PP plastic water bottles do not contain bisphenol S (BPS), but there are many authoritative testing institutions that detect the release of bisphenol S at high temperatures, the damage is similar to bisphenol A, so it is not recommended to use pp material. Plastic water bottles drink hot water!

Another reason for not advocating the use of plastic water bottles is that plastic bottles are prone to bacteria and are not easy to clean. The plastic surface appears to be smooth, and its actual internal microstructure has many pores, which are easy to hide.

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