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Cutest Insulated Bottle for Children

July 7th, 2022|Hydrated Life|

Why is Hydration So Important to Children?

It boosts energy levels: When children are properly hydrated, they have more energy to play and be active. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, so make sure your child drinks enough fluids throughout the day. The type of liquid is as important as the quantity. Water, milk, juice, and even soda water can help the body replenish water. If you notice that your children are tired or listless, ask them to drink a glass of water and see if it helps.

It improves brain function: Dehydration can cause problems in brain function. When children are dehydrated, they may have difficulty concentrating, have headaches, and feel dizzy or lightheaded. In severe cases, dehydration can lead to seizures. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your children drink enough fluids during the day which will help them concentrate at school and prevent headaches.

It regulates body temperature: Fluid plays an important role in regulating body temperature. When the body is dehydrated, sweating decreases, which leads to overheating. In addition, dehydration can cause problems in blood circulation, which makes it difficult for the body to regulate its body temperature. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your children drink enough fluids in hot weather or when they take part in activities that will sweat. This will help prevent overheating and maintain a normal body temperature.

What Makes the Best Baby-Sized Insulated Tumbler?

 Size: Insulated tumblers come in different sizes. Size is one of the most important considerations when choosing a thermos for children. You don’t want to buy them a full-size adult thermos bottle. Their schoolbags may already be full, so choose a hot water bottle that is easy to put in their bag.

Heat retention: You will want a hot water bottle for your kids with good thermal insulation. Look at the heat preservation time of the thermos. Some can only keep the water warm for 5 hours, while others can be kept warm all day.

Lids: Another advantage of these bottles is that they are leak-proof. When you buy a healthy insulated water bottle, it usually comes with a screw cap.

You can also choose to buy a flip cover. This is the lid that my children like to use. The lid is locked in place. It’s easy for children to manage. No matter how they are shaken, they will not leak or overflow which is completely child-friendly.

Material: There are several different materials used to make thermos bottles. The cheaper option is plastic, but it doesn’t help keep warm like stainless steel. When you don’t need something strong and durable, plastic is a good choice and can be used as a thermos for children. However, stainless steel will last longer, and certainly can withstand daily use better than plastic.

Hydro Cell Kid Water Bottle

Material, Volume, Customization…How to Pick?

To choose an ideal thermos bottle is more complicated than you may think. How to choose between a single-wall insulation or vacuum one? What the size should you buy and what materials are used in those bottles?

Here are some of the basics about insulated bottles you need to know, and how to choose the best insulation water bottle for your kids.

BPA-free: One of the main reasons for switching to stainless steel water bottles is to avoid contact with harmful toxins. Your water shouldn’t smell of metal. Medical stainless steel interiors are designed to avoid bad taste. Look for an environmentally friendly company offering products that are BPA-free.

Design/Personalization: Finally, the most interesting part of any thermos bottle is the choice of color and design. Nowadays, insulated bottles come in all kinds of different colors and are always well-designed. You can choose a color and design that your kids like!

Personalizing or writing your kid’s name on the tumbler is also an option. This will help your kids distinguish their insulated tumblers from other tumblers of the same color and design.

Volume: The size of the bottle depends on the age of your child. Young children don’t need as much water as teenagers. For young children, a 12-ounce water bottle should be ideal. For teenagers, it is recommended that their bottles be at least 24 ounces.

Four Wonderful Hydro Tumblers for Options

CamelBak Eddy BPA Free Kids Water Bottle: Camelbak’s 12-ounce stainless steel water bottle is a great product. Its straw-like mouth and durability are excellent. With its vacuum insulation function, stainless steel can resist sweat and keep cool all day.

This bottle has a convenient handle that can be clipped to a schoolbag easily. The silica gel valve can be easily replaced as needed, which prevents overflow when opened and leakage when closed.

This water bottle has a super fun design with foxes camping in the wild, but you can also find in some other interesting designs.

Contigo Autoseal Trekker Durable Kids Water Bottle: Its bottles are 100% 100% BPA-free plastic specially and designed to prevent leakage and overflow. It’s so easy to use that your child can just press the button and turn the bottle upside down to drink it. The bottle has a capacity of 13.92 ounces, making it ideal for children aged 3 and over. There are many color choices to choose from.

Hydro Cell14oz Durable Kids Water Bottle: The Hydro Cell children’s water bottle is vacuum insulated and can keep the temperature of drinks for several hours. The inside of the bottle is made of stainless steel and the surface is very durable. It comes with a straw and a cover, which is leak-proof when properly closed. Three different sizes are suitable for different ages, and you can choose the one that suits your child best.

50 Strong BPA-free Durable Kids Water Bottle: This water bottle produced by the company enjoy many functions and can solve a lot of problems existing in ordinary water bottles. It also has an opening big enough to add ice to the bottle. It has many interesting designs to choose from. Your children will love this.

Friendly Advice – Nothing Matters More Than Safety

When choosing a bottle tumbler, choose performance and safety over appearance. The two most important criteria to consider are quality and safety, because you do not want to risk your kids’ healthy and that is exactly why you choose an insulated water bottle for them.