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Custom Design Water Bottle Manufacturing: Why NDA Is Important

What Is a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

NDA (Non-disclosure agreement), also known as confidentiality agreement, is a commercial contract that covers the private information of individuals or organizations. Unlike other service or sales contracts, it focuses on the terms and conditions of services rather than transactions. Confidentiality agreements can also be bilateral, that is, both parties disclose confidential information, and both parties are prohibited from disclosing confidential information. In short, a confidentiality agreement is a legally binding contract between both parties(custom design water bottle buyer & drinkware ODM/OEM manufacturer) to establish a confidential relationship. The agreement prohibits one or more parties from disclosing confidential information to any third party, including media, competitors, other business partners, employers and employees.

Although NDA’s confidentiality agreements are not required by law, they are common methods used by companies to protect trade secrets. When two people sign NDA or confidentiality agreement, a “confidential relationship” is established. In this type of connection, one or both parties must keep the information confidential.

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Key Element of Non-Disclosure Agreement

 As mentioned above, a confidentiality agreement, is a legal contract signed by two or more parties to prevent the disclosure of certain confidential information such as new design of water bottle tumbler cup inclusive of drawings and bill of material. NDA contracts are usually contain several key elements:

Identification of the parties: The confidentiality agreement should clearly identify the parties involved in NDA and define their roles. This clause should define the parties by stating their names and positions, and list the addresses of all parties. NDA should also define which party is disclosing and receiving information, whether NDA is mutual or non-mutual, and also specify the use of information.

 Description of the confidential information: This part of the confidentiality agreement should clearly define confidential and undisclosed information. The agreement should include what kind of information is considered confidential, the title of confidential information and the intended use of the material by NDA recipient. In addition, NDA should state that NDA recipients will receive materials in writing both electronically and orally.

Exclusions from confidentiality treatment: The confidentiality agreement shall specify the exceptions to NDA protection and describe how NDA recipients can disclose NDA confidential information and under what circumstances.

Misappropriation: This clause in the NDA agreement should clearly specify how to deal with the abuse of confidential information by NDA recipients. In addition, this clause should stipulate that if the receiving party discloses or abuses any confidential information, the organization/company/individual will, at its own discretion, seek all available legal remedies according to applicable laws, such as terminating NDA and seeking injunctive or other remedies.

Obligations and requirements: This clause should specify the obligations and requirements of both parties, including instructions on how to handle information, that is, to handle information with due care and protection measures.

Term of the agreement: NDA should also specify the start and termination of the agreement, including the latest updates. If a confidentiality agreement covering a specific project is drafted, the agreement should specify how long the confidential treatment will last. In addition, it should also specify whether the NDA agreement can be modified or terminated in any way, at any time and by whom.

Signatures: The Non-disclosure Agreement should specify who is responsible for signing it. In most cases, if the disclosing party owns a registered enterprise, then the manager or executive of the enterprise will agree to sign the agreement. The confidentiality agreement should also indicate whether NDA is signed jointly or separately. In addition, the agreement should include when both parties must sign NDA. For example, in some jurisdictions, both parties must sign NDA before discussing confidential information, while in other jurisdictions, both parties must sign NDA after discussing confidential information.

Importance of an NDA for Custom Design Water Bottle Development

 Confidentiality agreements are very important for all types of business. This is especially useful for manufacturing businesses and start-ups, who are likely to outsource much of their work to contractors.

NDA was signed at the very beginning of negotiations. Whenever a business entity participates in important business discussions, it is very important to ensure that both parties sign an NDA, which will help build a certain degree of trust and confidence.

As mentioned above, the signing of NDA gives more trust to the buyer and custom water bottle manufacturer, and ensures that the drawing or the product idea are protected at all times despite the agreements and differences..

There are several reasons to make NDAs part of your custom design water bottle development such as:

  1. Avoid confusing what is considered confidential information;
  2. Define expectations for the protection and processing of confidential information;
  3. Provide a written contract in order to exercise legal rights more easily; provide evidence of enterprises’ efforts to protect your trade secrets.

Therefore, NDA is a very important tool for enterprises to maintain competitive advantage and help keep the core information of the custom design water bottles development from being misused. If you are developing a new type of water bottle, you may need to outsource some of the production process or hire more employees to help and this is when you need the NDA to offer some help and more security. Imagine, if a water bottle manufacturer is producing a new and creative product but it doesn’t ask its contractors or employees to sign an NDA, then the manufacturer would loss a big sum of money and even some potential customers if any essential information leaks to its rivals. This is true for product development. So, you should never underestimate the value of this important document when doing business.

Custom Water Bottle Tumbler Manufacturing Project Steps

The whole process of water bottle and tumbler manufacturing project process can be divided into six steps.

Idea Generation

To come up with an idea is the first challenge encountered by many enterprising water bottle startups. Undoubtedly, it is quite a demanding task to create something original given all those different kinds of drinkware now existing on the market.


One common mistake made by many startups or inexperienced manufacturers is to put new ideas into practice without done duly research, which can lead to inefficiency. You need to remember that an in-depth and comprehensive research before you start your manufacturing business is always a top priority for you.


This is an equally important step for your business. Since you are investing in custom water bottle manufacturing, it will make much sense that you ask your design teams to draw a sketch can give a first glance of the general outline of the product. But if you do not have a design team yet, we suggest you contact us!  Our experienced designers can help create 3D drawings for you free of charge.

You can also take a view at other water bottles on the market and look at their features that may give you some new ideas. however, that does not need to include every detail of the bottle but it should contain some of the basic elements of a bottle:

  1. The body of the bottle.
  2. The shape and form of the lid.
  3. The materials of the lid.
  4. With a handle or ring.
  5. The inside of the container.
  6. Packing (boxes or bags)


This process is about testing. The testing of a finished product is indispensable because it is the ultimate goal of prototype design as well as a guarantee before putting the product into mass production. The testing process helps remove the unqualified samples and choose the best and qualified product. Some water bottle manufacturers, such as KingStar, can provide 3D printing prototype for your custom design water bottle(stainless steel insulated drinkware, wholesale tumblers, food container, lunch box, thermos cups, pet dog cat bowls, metal salad bowls etc.)


After the testing of a prototyping, you should consider finding a reliable drink bottle that can take the job of molding and mass production for you. This step, however, is also important. It can save you both money and effort with a trustworthy and responsible partner.


The last step of this manufacturing process is commercialization. The main task in this process is to market your water bottles or tumblers. There are many available marketing strategies helping you sell your product and draw a wide range of customers such as advertising and attending a trade fair.

But if you are having a budget problem, you can consider other cheaper options to market your product. Here are some tactics recommended by KingStar:

Display the products on your website and inform your subscribers of the launch date.

Looking for collaboration with online influencers and offer a freebie to help promote your products.

Promoting your products on social platforms such as Instagram, Little Red Book and Tiktok.