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Cirkul Water Bottle | Custom Drinkware with Flavor Scent Pod

December 3rd, 2023|Hydrated Life|

The Cirkul water bottle is a revolutionary product that has taken the world of drinkware by storm. Founded in 2015 by Andy Gay and Garrett Waggoner, this customizable water bottle features a built-in flavor cartridge that allows users to infuse their water with a variety of delicious scents and tastes. With various flavor choices and easy-to-use functionality, Cirkul water bottle has quickly become a popular choice for health-conscious individuals and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for a fun and refreshing way to stay hydrated throughout the day. As leading custom fruit flavor pot water bottle manufacturer, we are proud of this innovative and customizable drinkware solution. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed overview of the Cirkul water Bottle, including its features, benefits and how it can enhance your daily hydration routine. By the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to decide whether the Cirkul water bottle is worth purchasing for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

1. What is a Cirkul water bottle?

Cirkul is a brand of water bottles that aims to encourage people to drink water and stay hydrated. Cirkul offers a variety of products, including reusable water bottles, water filters, corresponding flavor cartridges and different bottle accessories. Cirkul team’s mission is to make healthy, tasty and convenient water drinking accessible to everyone, regardless of where they live or work.

Cirkul water bottle triggers a new hydration way in the market. It is a type of reusable water bottle that comes in different colors and sizes, made from either stainless steel or BPA-free plastic. It is designed to provide a convenient way for people to stay hydrated with fresh and tasty water wherever they go.

One of the unique features of Cirkul water bottles is that they are compatible with flavor cartridges, which allow users to add different flavors to their water without having to carry around multiple bottles or use artificial sweeteners. The flavor cartridges are easy to attach and remove from the bottle, and can be purchased separately in a variety of flavors. Cirkul water bottles are durable, easy to clean and come in a range of sizes and colors to suit individual preferences and they are favored by many customers in the market.

2. Why are Cirkul water bottles popular among customers?

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Cirkul water bottles have become popular among customers due to their innovative way of drinking water. Since its launch, Cirkul has gained a lot of attention on various video platforms and many people have purchased it after watching the videos. After using it, customers have found that Cirkul water bottle lives up to its claims and is worth the price. As the manufacturer of this product in China, we have received feedback from our customers. And we have collected some of the main reasons why customers love Cirkul water bottles for your reference.

  • Firstly, Cirkul water bottles offer a wide range of flavors to choose from, allowing customers to customize their hydration experience and enjoy tasty water without any added calories. This feature makes it easier for people to stay hydrated throughout the day, as they can switch between different flavors to avoid boredom and maintain their interest in drinking water.
  • Secondly, Cirkul wholesale water bottles allow customers to adjust the flavor concentration according to their preference. This means that they can enjoy a stronger or weaker taste depending on their mood and needs. This level of customization adds to the overall enjoyment of using the product and makes it more appealing to potential buyers.
  • In addition to being enjoyable, Cirkul water bottles are also considered healthier than other types of bottled water. They are made from high-quality and high-performance stainless steel or plastic materials, which are both durable and safe for consumption. This ensures that customers can use the bottles for an extended period without worrying about any health risks associated with using subpar materials.
  • Another reason why Cirkul water bottles are popular is their eco-friendliness. The company takes pride in producing products that are environmentally sustainable and do not contribute to plastic waste. By using reusable bottles instead of disposable ones, customers can reduce their carbon footprint and help protect the planet.
  • Finally, Cirkul water bottles are designed to be portable and easy to carry around. They come with a convenient carrying strap and a compact design, making it simple for customers to take them with them wherever they go. This feature is particularly useful for people who lead active lifestyles or spend a lot of time outdoors, as they can easily access clean and refreshing water whenever they need it.

3. How is a Cirkul water bottle designed?

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The design of Cirkul water bottle is innovative and consists of two main parts: the outer bottle and the flavor cartridge. The outer bottle is used to hold water and comes in different capacities and colors. The flavor cartridge, on the other hand, is used to add various flavors to the water in the bottle. At the top of the bottle, allows users can adjust the intensity of the flavor with the dial. This design makes Cirkul a versatile water bottle that can easily switch between functional beverages and plain water, making your drinking experience more enjoyable.

Using a Cirkul water bottle is incredibly easy.

  • Firstly, fill the outer bottle with your desired amount of water.
  • Then, insert the appropriate flavor cartridge based on your preference.
  • Prior to drinking, simply turn the dial on the bottle’s mouthpiece to effortlessly switch between water and functional beverages. You can also adjust the dial to determine the strength of the functional beverage.

Cirkul water bottle’s design concept is quite straightforward. The key component is the integrated mouthpiece, which contains a flavor cartridge inside. When water flows through the mouthpiece, it comes into contact with the flavor cartridge, resulting in a functional beverage. If you choose to drink plain water, it will not come into contact with the flavor cartridge and you will get plain water. Furthermore, the flavor cartridge inside the mouthpiece has various choices for you, which also contains essential vitamins, electrolytes, caffeine and other substances that can help revitalize and energize you throughout the day.

4. What are flavor cartridges of Cirkul water bottle?

Flavor cartridges are an essential component of the structure of a Cirkul water bottle, which allow users to add flavor to their water. They are small and portable, and can be inserted in the cap of a Cirkul water bottle. Flavor cartridges usually come in three main categories: GoSip, LifeSip and FitSip, each with its unique function.

  • GoSip flavor cartridges are designed for health-conscious sippers who want to add vitamins to their daily routine. These cartridges contain vitamin B and are perfect for daily consumption. The available flavors include fruit punch, coconut pineapple, sweet tea, lemon, and raspberry lemonade.
  • LifeSip flavor cartridges are infused with caffeine, providing a much-needed boost when you’re running or feeling empty. These cartridges are perfect for those who need an extra energy boost throughout the day. The available flavors include black cherry and strawberry watermelon.
  • FitSip flavor cartridges are designed to keep your body hydrated during physical activity by adding electrolytes to your water. These cartridges help you stay focused and energized while working out or engaging in any physical activity. The available flavors include mixed berry and orange tangerine.

Cirkul water bottle flavor cartridges offer a variety of options to suit different preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for a vitamin boost, an energy kick, or hydration during physical activity, Cirkul has got you covered.

5. Where to buy Cirkul water bottles?

If you are interested in purchasing Cirkul water bottles, you can easily do so by visiting their official website. The website offers a variety of options to choose from, including the capacity, color and material of the water bottle that best suits your preferences. Additionally, you can select the flavor cartridge that you prefer to add to your water for an enhanced taste experience.

However, it is important to note that Cirkul water bottles are not cheap. The set of bottle body and cap costs around $40, and you also need to spend extra money on purchasing flavor cartridges. This may not be the most budget-friendly option for everyone.

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As an alternative, there are other drinkware options available in the market that offer similar features at a more affordable price point. As a seasoned custom flavor water bottle manufacturer based in China, we have rich experience in developping a drinkware with a built-in flavor scent pod that provides an enjoyable, natural and fresh taste experience without breaking the bank. The flavor scent pods come in various flavors like strawberry, lemon, coffee, herb and so on, among which you will find one you like among them.

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