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Best Metal Cup Manufacturer for Indiegogo Vacuum Flask Crowdfunding Project

Often, business beginners may find it difficult to raise the launching money for their business, and may give up their nice ideas after several struggle. The innovative metal cup/ vacuum flask projects have complex structure and require more funding and engineering support. Luckily, Indiegogo and KingStar as partners will solve the main challenges encountered in the crowdfunding project.

In the past, it seemed that there was nothing we can do before that, however, things have changed in this new era by virtue of crowdfunding. In today’s blog, KingStar will share with you basic knowledge about a good crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and how reliable metal tumbler cup manufacturer helps bring your idea to physical popular products.

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Indiegogo Overview

Indiegogo is an international crowdfunding platform that has been dedicated to offering people with new ideas an excellent chance to launch their creation and innovation for years. This platform encourages live crowdfunding campaigns and various activities, welcoming products that can delight and surprise.

In Indiegogo, creative and groundbreaking ideas take flight, laying solid foundations for future success. It is recorded that Indiegogo holds thousands of fund-raising campaigns every week, covering areas such as daily necessities, design and tech. Indiegogo will ask every launcher to provide time-limited pricing and perks for early supporters as a kind of returns. Just as this platform boasts, “Before they are everywhere, they were on Indiegogo.”

In general, entrepreneurs are asked to write their stories about themselves and the products, state the current development and present clearly the risks they may encounter in they days ahead. If backers recognize the potential of promising products, they would fund the project and Indiegogo would track entrepreneurs’ progress to see if they are heading towards the scheduled direction.

The Indiegogo Community

It is recorded that the Indiegogo community has helped launching over 800,000 creative objects since the year 2008. At present, 9 million capable backers and supporters of the Indiegogo community come from 235 countries and regions, showcasing the great potentials and scale for crowdfunding. They are serving as a solid backing so that business beginners can realize their dreams earlier and easier. It is the curiosity that drives the Indiegogo community to enthusiastically welcome live crowdfunding activities and promising techs.

Indiegogo + Metal Cup Manufacturer KingStar

Indiegogo plus metal cup manufacturer KingStar is a perfect combination for your vacuum insulated metal container business. But, how to materialize your idea with the help of Indiegogo? Here KingStar shares with you our brief product launch processes.

  1. Idea Generation

The very first step in developing your idea is to generate a proper idea. You have to make sure that your efforts are worth paying. Luckily, selling thermos stainless steel container is bound to be successful if you run the business strategically. This product features great practicality and elegance (relies on your creation), suitable for both daily use and gifting. Besides, vacuum sealed container business is one of the highly matured industries that are capable of guaranteeing the continuous supply. In other words, you are free from insufficient supply and only need to focus on promoting and marketing.

Also, actively contact your family, friends, team who can offer you innovative and rational ideas. Sometimes a great success may come from a casual conversation. Once you have an extraordinary idea, validate it and do some research.

  1. Idea Validation & Research

Step 2 is of vital importance as you have to make sure that your vacuum insulated metal container is competitive enough to win customers.

  • Know Your Target Audience

Thermos stainless steel container boasts a variety of target audiences ranging from office workers, drivers, travellers… To be honest, this business nearly covers all groups of customers as everyone need such a container for meal & hydration. So you can put this question aside carefreely.

  • How Much Will Your Audiences Pay for Them

Pricing is an unavoidable issue for your business. The proper pricing is conducive to attracting attention. Keep in mind that most of your audiences will not buy something that is too expensive or too cheap. So, keep it moderate.

  • How Big Is the Metal Container Market

Luckily, the market is still big enough for you!

  • Can I Earn Big Money from the Idea

This is the last question you have to ask yourself. A common thermos stainless steel container may not be appealing enough to catch customers’ eyes, which means you need to pay attention to custom options such as custom tooling enclosure. Just as we have mentioned above, a practical and elegant vacuum sealed container is key to success.

  1. Crowdfunding

Since you have evaluated the potentials of your metal cup business, it’s time for you to raise your money for further purchase. In fact, step 3 and step 4 are closely related because the exact tooling fees and mass production fees are concluded after you have found a capable metal cup manufacturer. So once you are aware of the entire cost, you can better launch the crowdfunding campaign and your backers will in turn take the whole investment into serious consideration. Also, for due respect, you are supposed to carry out step 3 and 4 simultaneously as your manufacturer also need time to arrange the production.

Now, log in Indiegogo and launch your innovative idea!

  1. Work with a Capable Metal Cup Manufacturer

As one of the most capable metal cup manufacturers in China, KingStar has been supplying metal cups for decades. Our quality products are pursued by famous brands across the world. We have the best technical support and manufacturing equipment, capable of meeting bulk orders swiftly.

How Does KingStar Support the Crowdfunding Tumbler Cup Project?

For projects on Indiegoog or Kickstarter, you usually need to mold and customize the appearance of the bottle / tumbler cup. Custom mold enclosures play an important role in promoting your vacuum insulated metal containers. Custom molds can help your product stand out from a variety of peers, and a small innovation can lead to huge success. Our custom molding options include hydroforming dies, stretch forming dies, and welding die alternatives for machining enclosures and lids/lids. However, customization means difficulty. This determines that many small insulated cup manufacturers cannot provide support.

KingStar has many years of experience in OEM metal cup manufacturing, providing special R&D support for Indiegogo and Kickstarter crowdfunding water cup projects,

  1. Provide professional opinions on revision of the drawings of crowdfunding projects, namely Design for manufacturing, point out the risks, environmental friendly measures, and feasible suggestions for reducing product costs.
  2. Make a 3D printed prototype for the metal cup / vacuum flask crowdfunding project team to confirm
  3. Provide T0-T1-T2 samples
  4. 24/7 online technical support
  5. Ramp-up mass production plan support

KingStar provide one-stop manufacturing service for OEM water bottles, insulated cups, bulk tumblers and other drinkware.  If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to write to sales@waterbottle.tech.