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Best Corporate Gift: Water Bottle And Tumbler With QR Code

October 5th, 2021|Business / Corporate Gifting|

Nowadays, corporate gifts are playing an increasingly vital role in both business affairs and interpersonal relations between colleagues. It has been well-recognized that if your company choose appropriate gifts for various occasions, they will undeniably bring you tremendous benefits. Therefore, it is indispensable for successful corporations to dive into the knowledge about corporate gifts. What are corporate gifts? Why we need corporate gifts? What kind of corporate gifts should you pick up? Why the best corporate gifts are water bottles and tumblers with QR codes? Event gift / employee gift / Christmas gift / graduation gift ideas? In this article, KingStar will answer you these questions in turn and share with you the best corporate gift. Here we go!

I. What Are Corporate Gifts and Why You Need Them

Every one loves to receive gifts. A suitable gift speaks louder than mere greeting or admiration. That’s why you need to take into consideration many factors seriously before purchasing corporate gifts. Unlike common gifts that have a larger application and can be much more casual, company gifts are sent with commercial purposes and feature a sense of formality. They are embedded with the company’s marks or logos, showcase its business cultural deposit, and reflect the strength of the enterprise.

But, if you pick up an improper corporate gift or make the gift less targeted, your anticipated receivers may not be so satisfied with your gifts and may even think that you are just making a perfunctory effort. When this happens, you may lose them or ruin your whole business to some extent. What are common corporate gifts?

corporate gift

In general, corporate gifts are specially ordered and customized by both large and small companies to meet certain socializing purposes. And there are 7 types of common company gifts in the gift market.

  • Office stationery: office pens, pen pots, notebooks, sticky notes, table decorations, card cases, insulated water bottles & tumblers in bulk, seals, desk calendars, etc.
  • Bags and suitcases: laptop bags, brief cases, leather purses & wallets, key cases, recycled cloth bags, etc.
  • Leisure products: fitness suits, outdoor leisure suits, picnic suits, sports bottles, etc.
  • Digital electronic products: flash drives, digital photo frames, power banks, electronic desk calendars, office humidifiers, electric kettles, etc.
  • Fabrics: silk ties, business scarves, T-shirts, back cushion, etc.
  • Furniture: tableware, water fountains, coffee makers, tool sets, kitchenware, home appliances, etc.
  • Crafts and sundries: aromatherapy oils, vases, doll furnishing articles, etc.

The benefits of the above corporate gifts include enhancing the cohesion in the company, sparking employees’ working enthusiasm, improving the brand popularity, expanding the business, and making the business much more lucrative. Besides, if you take a closer look at major corporations across the world, you will unanimously find that nearly all of them prepare elegant custom company gifts for their customers, employees, and business friends. And this can be regarded as a good case in point, right?

wholesale custom standard mouth water bottles in bulk

II. What Kind of Corporate Gifts Should You Pick Up

In the previous part KingStar has listed 7 types of common corporate gifts, but which one is the best? Before revealing the answer, we think you should grasp the following three principles of choosing company gifts.

  • Practicality
  • Universality
  • Exquisiteness
best event gifting idea

When it comes to choosing gifts for your employees or business friends, the first principle that you are supposed to remember is practicality. According to a research conducted by Stanford University, nearly 72% of the surveyed company staff expressed that they would like to receive their companies’ gifts that were practical and useful. Although different people may hold different opinions on gifts, you should take into account the idea of the majority. Just imagine, if you give people fancy and impractical gifts, they may set them aside and ignore the presence of these gifts as time goes by. Thus, the principle of practicality is foremost and the following selection principles to be mentioned must be based on it.

Unlike gifts for relatives, lovers and friends, in a company, the gifts are usually gave to all the colleagues whom you may not familiar with. Besides, they are large in number and we may find it difficult to select proper gifts for everyone unless these gifts share the same theme around a certain event. Therefore, at this time, we fail to cater for all tastes and should instead choose gifts that are universal. Gifts of universality are presents that should be applicable to both men and women, the young and the old. There should be no obvious preference in this gifts unless they are offered in some groups’ exclusive holidays such as Women’s Day. The most commonly seen presents of universality are insulated water bottles, flash drives and customized company notebooks. Nine out of ten male adults do not like gifts like pink Hello Kitty dolls, so delete such improper gifts from your list as soon as possible! Of course, universal presents are not ordinary ones! If you buy every one in the company a solid-color towel or an ordinary notebook, they will seldom buy it.

Apart from the above two principles, it is better for you to make the gift appealing and unique, and KingStar suggests you to keep in mind the last principle of exquisiteness. You may wonder that what if the gifts you have chosen are not exquisite or elegant? In fact, you can simply custom them through a variety of methods, recreating their appearance with your ingenuity. For example, you decide to give your business friends insulated water bottles yet are afraid of their similar appearance or designs. It is then advised for you to turn to a professional water bottle manufacturer to customize water bottles. You can print your company logo or some inspiring slogans onto the bottle through engraving, embossing, silk printing, etc. In this way, these bottles become distinctive from their counterparts in the market, and your business friends may feel respected or even marvel at them, “Wow! This one really catches my eyes!” Their admiration for gifts makes your work worthy.

Now we return to the question that what kind of corporate gifts should you pick up? Here KingStar suggests you to buy stainless steel water bottles & tumblers. Let’s see what advantages the stainless steel water bottles & tumblers with QR code have as corporate gifts.

Stainless steel water bottles are often made by food-grade 18-8 stainless steel with vacuum insulation technology. An insulated water bottle of extremely high quality is able to keep piping hot water lukewarm for 24 hours or icy cold liquids cold for 12 hours! The excellent heat retaining performance of insulated stainless steel water bottles can offer you satisfactory drinking experience. If you fill your insulated water bottle with hot water in the morning and bring it to your office, and you can still enjoy hydration with agreeable temperature when you are getting off work in the afternoon.

Wholesale stainless steel tumblers are also manufactured by kitchen-grade 18-8 (SUS304) stainless steel. But compared with an insulated water bottle, a stainless steel tumbler has poorer insulation capability. A normal tumbler can only keep liquids warm for 3 hours or cold for 6 hours. However, tumblers are perfect for holding liquids such as coffee, carbonated drinks, milk, tea, etc. With its removable straw and wide opening, a tumbler can provide you with a better drinking experience. What’s more, tumblers are also pursued by outdoor enthusiasts who are fond of taking multi-functional tumblers to the wild for adventure.

Practical and universal, both stainless steel insulated water bottles and tumblers have various shapes and styles. Because they are eco-friendly and contain no harmful additions such as BPA and phthalate, both of stainless steel tumblers and water bottles are now favored by office men and ladies who strive to live a healthy hydration life. According to KingStar’s three principles, our stainless steel water bottles and tumblers still need to be much more elegant and unique, hence the adoption of custom options. Customized company water bottles & tumblers are becoming a heated industry appealed to major corporations around the world. By printing corporation logos or inspiring slogans, or using complicated processing techniques, you can make your bottles & tumblers stand out from the crowd, generating in your business friends or employees a feeling of ingenuity, inconceivability and affiliation.

III. What Is the Best Corporate Gift? 

In the previous part KingStar shares with you what kind of company gifts you should pick up, and you must have known the answer—stainless steel water bottles and tumblers. But, are there any ways to make them better? Yes! By customizing insulated water bottles and tumblers, you can greatly enhance their appealing, molding ordinary ones into distinctive drinkware.

It is suggested that vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles & tumblers printed with QR codes (Quick Response Codes) are the BEST corporate gifts. Why? Here are the reasons.

As a new-born technology, QR codes are characterized by various advanced functions, facilitating our modern production and life. In general, QR codes have amazingly 8 functions:

  • Information acquisition (business card, map, WIFI password, etc)
  • Website redirecting
  • Advertising (by scanning a code, customers can browse posts/videos/websites)
  • Payment with mobile phone
  • Anti-counterfeiting traceability (check the conformity certification)
  • Member management (online VIP services, check in services, etc)
  • Sales promotion
  • Account login (scan the QR code to log in to various websites)

Apart from the above listed functions, QR codes also feature large volume of information, high-density coding, wide coding range, strong fault tolerance, high decoding reliability, encryption (if needed), low cost and longstanding quality.

corporate gift with QR code

By simply scanning a QR code, people can achieve things without too much efforts. Besides, according to a report released by Johns Hopkins University, people are curious about QR codes and if they ran into a code, say, on a bottle or on a shirt, a large proportion of people would take out their phones to scan it.

Actually, this interesting phenomenon indicates business opportunities. If your insulated water bottles and tumblers are printed with QR codes, you can design these codes with your anticipated information, which may be captured by potential customers!

Insulated water bottles & tumblers printed with QR codes can attract traffic. Once your employees received a custom bottle or tumbler printed with a QR code and got hydrated with it, his or her friends/colleagues/families would notice the presence of the code and would use phones to scan it, which directly helped to popularize your bottles/tumblers. And if they had great interest in the novel design, they might also pick up your products and share them with their friends or families. In this way, traffic lines of your products and brand come into being and you actually do not have to spend a lot of money on advertising.

wide mouth water bottle with QR code

If you want to promote your products or services, you can ask water bottle manufacturer to customize a water bottle or tumbler with a QR code to display the product page or service page you want to promote through the QR code. Customers who receive gifts will scan the QR code,. Furthermore, during the use of the stainless steel water bottle, the QR code will attract more people to scan it, so that the corresponding product page or service page of your website will have More visitors and traffic. The lifespan of KingStar stainless steel water bottles and tumbler is 8 years. Each stainless steel water bottle or tumbler printed with a QR code will bring you hundreds of visits.

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As mentioned above, stainless steel water bottles & tumblers are perfect gifts for both your employees and business friends. If you cooperate with your business friends and work out some water bottle collaborations, you can take this opportunity to promote your brand via QR codes that only take up a small place of your bottle yet present huge and precious information potentially.

It should also be noticed that stainless steel water bottles are gradually replacing their plastic counterparts as people begin to pursue a healthier hydration lifestyle. Stainless steel water bottles are BPA-free, eco-friendly and reusable, conforming to the global trend of promoting environmental protection and sustainable development goals. And if you print QR codes on plastic water bottles, these codes may fade or even disappear after a short period of time. On the contrary, QR codes on stainless steel insulated water bottles are made by silk printing or laser engraving, boasting incredible durability and eternal pattern-retaining capability.

IV. Conclusion

Corporate gifts are becoming an indispensable factor of a successful business. If you purchase suitable company gifts, say, insulated stainless steel water bottles & tumblers printed with QR code, your business is expected to become more promising and profitable.

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